The Rivet: A Steampunk Trike Built For A Captain

RIVET Steampunk Trike

William Shatner, a lifelong motorcycle rider, has partnered with Illinois-based custom bike shop American Wrench to create a steampunk trike called the Rivet by Iron Bill.

Rivet Steampunk Trike

Rivet Steampunk Trike

The partnership between American Wrench owner Kevin Sirotek and the Captain of the Starship Enterprise came about when a staffer from American Wrench was waiting in line for an autograph from Shatner and suggested the idea of building him a motorcycle.

william and kevin
above: William “Iron Bill” Shatner and Kevin Sirotek of American Wrench

The RIVET, which the designers refer to as a “Landjet,” was designed from the ground up as a 3 wheeled vehicle, with an exposed cockpit and command center. Although the renderings imply that it’s a single seater, the finished product will actually seat two. Each vehicle will have riveted aluminum body panels that are hand-molded, giving it a steampunk machined look and feel.

rivet steampunk trike

The 2,500-pound vehicle is outfitted with a V8 and is said to produce around 500 hp, though the company hasn’t revealed what systems will be keeping it in check.

rivet steampunk trike

Sirotek likes to describe Rivet as having a drive train similar to that found on a modern Corvette. “With its powerful V-8 engine mated to a high-performance transmission and rear end with independent suspension and big disc brakes, its setup is much like what you would find on a high-end American sports car like the Corvette. There are several things that set this design apart, but the obvious one is the front wheel and steering setup. Rather than using a set of traditional motorcycle forks on the front end, we opted to use an independent swing-arm solution. By doing this, it enabled us to give the vehicle a very unique, organic design feel.”

rivet image 4 IIHIH

The single-sided front-end suspension on the Rivet will give the perception that the wheel is floating out in front on one side. A lot of trikes have straight axles in the back, but the Rivet will have an independent rear suspension, like the Boss Hoss. While the first Rivet will be made for Shatner, more will be made for those interested in purchasing one of the handmade rides.

The design inspiration for RIVET is pulled from the timeless designs of the machines that helped win WWII, with particular attention to one of the most feared airplanes in American history, the B-17 Bomber.

Early concept sketches:
rivet early-concept-sketches IIHIH
rivet early-concept-sketches2 IIHIH
rivet image 5 IIHIH

William Shatner and American Wrench Drive The Rivet Cross Country

rivet ride header IIHIH

Beginning June 23rd, Shatner will be piloting the vehicle from Chicago to LA following the historic Route 66 in a trip scheduled to last eight days. Shatner will be joined on the 2,400-mile ride by members of the American Legion and American Wrench crew with stops in several major cities to promote the work of the American Legion.

RIVET’s intent is not only to draw attention to the pilot or the vehicle itself, but to the art and craft of hand built machines, done in the spirit of keeping America’s “routes” alive.

The final cost of each machine hasn’t been determined yet. The company also plans to make a lighter version – and quite possibly an electric version- at a more affordable price.

You can be one of the first to own one and secure your spot on their build list at

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images and info courtesy of Rivet Motors, American Wrench, Motor Trend, and Autoweek