Racing-Inspired Watches. Autodromo Motoring Timepieces Are Just Your Speed.

Inspired by automotive instruments such as speedometers and tachometers, Autodromo Motoring Watches are a new collection of Swiss made wristwatches whose faces are minimal in design and reminiscent of vintage Italian racing-inspired style.

Just launched, the collection consists of three models, two available in two different finishes; the Brescia, the Vallelunga, with a white or black dial, and the Veloce in a black or stainless finish.


Vallelunga (white face):

Vallelunga (black face):

Veloce (stainless case):

Veloce (black case):

With quartz movements, sapphire coated crystals and leather straps, the watch cases measure 42mm in diameter and 10 mm in thickness and are designed for both men and women.

And the come beautifully packed in individual cases:

The Autodromo Story (courtesy of Autodromo)


Officine Autodromo was founded to recapture a romantic era of motoring. It was a time of Gran Turismo when driving from city to city wasn’t just a matter of hopping onto an expressway. It meant slipping on your driving gloves for a high speed jaunt through the great roads of Europe with a powerful, sweet-sounding engine propelling you into new adventure, and maybe even a little danger. You can’t be out every day, blasting through alpine passes and winding country roads, but with an Autodromo timepiece on your wrist, your mind can be motoring, even when you are in the dullest of Monday meetings.


Autodromo watches and accessories draw aesthetic inspiration from the world of mid-century auto racing. Our products have a vintage feel, alloyed with a clean, uncluttered modernist design philosophy. Each new product is conceived as an artifact that might have existed in the past, but is equally at home in the world of today.


Only the finest quality materials and the best Swiss Made movements are deemed suitable to go into an Autodromo motoring watch. And because we keep our batches small, we can ensure that each piece that goes out the door meets our exacting standards of excellence. Our goal is to offer beautiful design, attention to detail, and exquisite craftsmanship at prices that represent a smart allocation of resources. With Autodromo, you can live well and drive well.


Everything we do, from our motoring watches to the custom wrapping paper we ship each purchase in are designed in-house by our small, passionate team. We build products we are passionate about, and approach each and every new project with the goal of crafting a special and memorable experience for the discerning customer. That’s our obsession.- Autodromo

Each stylish watch retails for $425 and can be purchased at their website.

A special shout-out to Brian Jones for bringing these to my attention.