Pins Won’t Save The World: Artist Designed Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump Merchandise


These pins, stickers, patches, tee shirts and more by Sagmeister & Walsh and enlisted artists may not save the world but they are an artistic, if not unsubtle, way to get the proper political point across. If you’re supporting Trump, I suggest you do not read on any further.

Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump Merchandise

anti-Trump pin
my personal favorite anti-Trump pin

The artist designed Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump merchandise collection, Pins Won’t Save The World, is a project initiated by design duo Stefan Sagmeister and Jessica Walsh. It enables you to wear your heart (and political leanings) on your sleeve with a sense of humor and a sense of morality. Take a stand against, hate, racism and intolerance with these artists. Affordable, funny and yet deadly serious, the profits from the merchandise is donated to ‘The America I Believe In’ through Amnesty International.

Pro-Hillary and Anti-Trump Merchandise

pins for trump haters

I broke down the pins into categories for you in the following images.

Anti-Trump Pins:
anti trump merch

pins wont save the world

anti trump enamel pins

pins wont save the world trump

funny anti-trump pins

Pro-Hillary Pins/ Stickers:
pro hillary enamel pins

Love America Pins:
democratic enamel pins

Pro-Vote pin, patch and sticker:
vote patches and stickers

“Let’s not stand by and let a racist, misogynistic, homophobic man control America. Lets stand up against hate and intolerance” – Pins Won’t Save The World

pins won't save the world tee-shirts
They have some terrific t-shirts, too

While the majority of the designs are by Sagmeister&Walsh, the pins, patches and stickers by other artists are as follows; VOTE KINDNESS NOT TRUMP PIN By Will Bryant, NO FACE PIN By Timothy Goodman, HOTDOGS FOR HILLARY PIN By Brian Rea, RISE ABOVE HATE PIN By Jon Contino, EQUAL PIN By Coucou Suzette, I’M WITH HER BC HE’S CRAY PIN By Timothy Goodman & Jessica Walsh, AMERICA IS FOR EVERYONE PIN By Will Bryant, LOVE EVERYBODY PIN By Olimpia Zagnoli, I’M VOTING PIN By Adam J Kurtz, A WOMAN’S PLACE IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE STICKER By ROANDCO and CAMP GIVE A FUCK PATCH By Brian Rea

Be sure to see the Stickers, Patches, Posters, Tote bags and Tees as well because there are some designs that were not created as pins. A few examples are below.

anti-trump Posters, Tees, Stickers and Totebags
examples of the Posters, Tees, Stickers and Totebags

Spread The Word

Spread the love and kindeness throughout social media. They encourage you to repost any of the assets from the site (or here) with the hashtag #pinswontsavetheworld and remember to credit the artist, if you can. If you photograph your merchandise in action and post on Instagram, they’ll repost some of their fave images.

When to Expect Your Merchandise
Pins, patches and stickers will be shipped out starting October 7th from the Sagmeister & Walsh studio. Every package will be hand packed by them with love from NYC. Expect 2-7 days for shipping. Tees and posters will print on demand and will be shipped straight from the factories with a turn around time of 2-7 days.

Links to contributing artists:
Adam J Kurtz
Brian Rea
France Francois
Jean Jullien
Jon Contino
Juliette Mallet
Olimpia Zagnoli
Timothy Goodman
Will Bryant
Ward Sutton

Merchandise and website design by the following: Jessica Walsh, Felipe Rocha, Stefan Sagmeister, Daniel Brokstad, Ange Iannarelli, Chen Yu, Kim Corti and of course, Harry Butt. Website by Gisle Nes, Produced by Molly Brunk, Jessica Walsh and Emily Frank; Photography by Aron Filkey

Visit Pins Won’t Save The World here