BuzziSpace Makes Sound Dampening Design-Friendly


BuzziSpace has completely changed the landscape of acoustic solutions for home and business with their numerous designs and products created to cut down sound.

The Belgium-based company which launched in 2007 has an impressive array of sound-dampening systems and furnishings that are designed for numerous uses and can work within just about any environment. With a nice design aesthetic and color palette, they have a range of solutions that run the gamut from wall tiles to individual cubbies. In addition to their accoustic solutions and furniture, they have a line of Nordic inspired furniture, decorative lighting, products for the outdoors and accessories, made with their sound-absorbing eco-felt.

BuzziFalls Sound-Absorbing Felt Room Dividers


One of my favorite products of theirs is the BuzziFalls collection. A sound-absorbing system designed by Sas Adriaenssens of felt panels with cut out shapes in various patterns.


The panels can be affixed to a 10-foot-long track (The BuzziFalls Rail), powder-coated in black or white, to become sliding dividers capable of quickly turning public spaces into private enclaves. Or they can be wall-mounted or hung from the ceiling.

sound dampening options

The panels are die-cut from their own BuzziFelt made with upcycled plastic bottles:

The patterns range from organics and geometrics to famous city skylines.

And they offer tons of colors:


A playful solution to regulate sounds and create smaller area’s in big spaces, they are as decorative as they are functional. A nice change from the ordinarily industrial looking acoustic solutions.


The BuzziFalls Rail enables BuzziFalls, the acoustical panels to be slid with ease — creating moveable room dividers that
shift from private to public space. Running on a single three-meter track, panels slide from left to right. To create the effect of sliding doors, install two layers of parallel tracks for the rails. BuzziFalls can be attached directly to the surface of the track rail or suspended to reveal either a black or white rail.

BuzziFalls Sound Dampening options

BuzziSpace received Interior Design’s 2015 Best of Year Award for the BuzziFalls partition and wall system.

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