Kubrick Remasters: Graphic Art Posters Inspired By Stanley Kubrick.

Posters Inspired By Stanley Kubrick

It’s a Stanley Kubrick day today on the blog. If you didn’t read the post prior to this one on the amazing retrospective of the legendary director’s work, please do. It’s what inspired this post of the fabulous graphic artwork of Nick McLellan.

A companion to the exhibition at La Cinémathèque, Kubrick et le Web is a site which showcases the best of web creation on Kubrick, a contest in partnership with Dailymotion.

There are so many talented artists, designers, photographers and filmmakers out there that it is almost hard to believe. But one look at the numerous pieces of work inspired by Kubrick and his movies, you will have no doubt. One of the standouts on the site is the work of artist and designer Nick McLellan. His Kubrick Remasters Series is beautifully conceived of and executed.

Posters Inspired By Stanley Kubrick

Take a look:
clockwork orange poster
full metal jacket poster
dr strangelove poster
lolita poster
fear and desire poster
AI poster
Barry Lyndon poster
2001- a space odyssey poster
paths of glory poster
The Shining poster
The Killing Poster
Spartacus poster
Killers Kiss poster
eyes wide shut poster
See more of Nick’s work here on Deviant Art

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