Creepy But Compelling PinUp and Anatomical Art Collages

The digital collages of Russian artist Ffo combine classic pin-up artwork with anatomical drawings and botanical illustrations to result in creepy but compelling images.

PinUp and Anatomical Art Collages

The artist, who prefers to remain anonymous, has only a tumblr blog where he posts his pinup and anatomical art collages. Tight-lipped and enigmatic, he only shares his location (Russia) and his process. In his answers to a few questions from fans, I have learned that he uses Systemax PaintTool SAI to make line vector art and Adobe Photoshop for the combining and coloring of the images.

Sources for his collages, which are unsigned, include the works of legendary anatomical and medical illustrators Frank Netter and JM Bourgery. Add to that botanical and scientific illustrations he finds on the web and flickr combined with art by several classic pin-up artists and Voilà!

image cropped at top:

Ffo Art on Tumblr