Felipe Santander’s Gnosis: Unique Textile Art

felipe santander art

Artist Felipe Santander’s Gnosis, a recent exhibition at Chile’s Galería Madhaus, combines brightly colored pieces of synthetic materials, anatomy and symbols that conceptually bridge the inner and outer world of the textile artist. Read more

Creepy But Compelling PinUp and Anatomical Art Collages

The digital collages of Russian artist Ffo combine classic pin-up artwork with anatomical drawings and botanical illustrations to result in creepy but compelling images. Read more

An Inside Look – The Work of Austrian Street Artist Nychos.

Street Artist Nychos on if it's hip, it's here

Nychos, who signs much of his street art as Nychos The Weird, is an Austrian artist known for his anatomically-exploded renderings of animals, people and pop culture characters. Read more

A Grisly Grizzly and Other Bare Bears by Deborah Simon

Artist Deborah Simon’s series of Flayed Bear Sculptures combine taxidermy, science and embroidery. Her three unusual bear sculptures have faux fur partially pulled back to reveal the anatomy underneath. Read more

Dissections by Angela Christine Smith Combine Photography, Ink and A Sense of Self.

Dissections by Angela Christine Smith

Photographer and artist Angela Christine Smith has this series of five works in a project called Dissections which feature herself, her silver gelatin photography and her inked overlay anatomical illustrations, combined for a compelling effect. Read more