Pinc House: Scandinavian Modern Housing & Prefab Developments

Pinc House prefabs

Pinc House is all about bringing life into style. An Ittur Group owned company in Sweden, they conceive of, create, develop and build housing developments, prefab homes and projects that are modern, sustainable and great-looking. Here are a few of their impressive accomplishments and projects.

Pinc House Prefabs

The Sport:

The Sport range are available in two categories, “Leisure” and “Residence” with sizes ranging from 20 to 160 square meters.


Above: Boxland was developed in 2007 for HSB Helsingborg. This project consists of 33 box like homes, 15 green grass ping pong tables, 29 magnolia trees and one exceptional living environment.


above: Seapoint consist of 16 semi-detached contemporary villas overlooking the ocean and situated in a secluded yet very accessible maritime resort near Stockholm.

Delight 66:

above: The award winning prefab home collection is now technically being redeveloped by the Ittur Group, one of the largest privately owned groups in Sweden, and will meet EU technical and energy standards.

The Black Barn Project:

above: A luxurious and simple interpretation of the ancient Long House, the Black Barn, is made of a material called black calcimine and has a tarred roof and visible wood beams. It has many bedrooms, lots of storage space and is ideal for a family. It’s affordable, stylish and even has an exclusive spa facility.

pinc house

About Pinc House:
The Pinc House Design Team runs a Concept Development Studio within the company – a specialized, internationally acclaimed, high-profile business unit with innovation, evolution and emotion as core values.

In 2003 they launched their first (highly acclaimed) prefab house model. That was the start of their very own little crusade for stronger visions, better houses and higher quality of life for ordinary people.

Within the Ittur Group, Pinc House is now responsible for all larger (one to three stories high) housing projects. Be it row houses, semi-detached houses, vacational homes or villas. Rentals, condos or freehold. From a genuine (innovative and ambitious, but always sustainible, always conscious and always long-term oriented) overall master plan, concept and specific target group analysis, they develop larger areas and turn empty land into attractive residential landscapes.

Besides working on their own projects, they are here to help other developers turn their visions into reality – and their ideas into profit. With a powerful platform provided by the Ittur Group they offer a highly industrialized building process, a truly cost-efficient perspective, a high level of customer support and all the experience and resources necessary to keep their promises.

They provide a one-stop shop for the entire operation, regardless of scale, budget and time frame. They can offer a comprehensive one contract commitment, a full guarantee agreement, a shared responsibility or limited activities – all depending on the nature and conditions of each project and the demands from their clients.

Pinc House®  has since disbanded.

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