Edgeland House With Triangular Smart Pool and Living Roof By Bercy Chen Studio.

bercy chen studio edgeland house

This Austin, Texas residence, the Bercy Chen Studio Edgeland House, by is not only stunning to look at in terms of architectural design and interior styling, but it’s a project that also takes the environment, landscape and local plant life into consideration. Read more

The Hidden House Project by 123DV Modern Villas. A Study In Modern ECO Architecture.

hidden house project

The Netherland’s 123DV Modern Villas entered Polish architecture firm Mode:Lina’s competition in which they were asked to design an ECO house. The challenge was to design a standard residential home in a standard location that performs sustainably and 123DV Modern Villas came up with the Hidden House. Read more

New Underground Eco-friendly Hotel Bella Vista By Matteo Thun

Hotel Bella Vista by Matteo Thun

We’ve seen a couple of very interesting eco-friendly, semi-submerged underground hotels and homes lately. (e.g. Villa Vals, The Underground home of Gary Neville). Soon we will have the Hotel Bella Vista. Read more

Pinc House: Scandinavian Modern Housing & Prefab Developments

Pinc House prefabs

Pinc House is all about bringing life into style. An Ittur Group owned company in Sweden, they conceive of, create, develop and build housing developments, prefab homes and projects that are modern, sustainable and great-looking. Here are a few of their impressive accomplishments and projects. Read more