Pierre Herme X Thomas Boog Easter Chocolates

pierre herme x thomas boog easter chocolates

The last time we blogged about Maison Pierre Hermé Paris, it was also regarding an art-inspired edible Easter confection. This year, the French chocolatier teamed up with designer Thomas Boog for yet more jaw-dropping Easter chocolates, inspired by both seashells and Italian painter Arcimboldo.

Pierre Herme X Thomas Boog Easter Chocolates

pierre herme x thomas boog easter chocolates

Pierre Herme X Thomas Boog Easter Chocolates.
With an Easter confection collection inspired by seashells, the unprecedented collaboration between Maison Pierre Hermé Paris and artisan decorator Thomas Boog takes us to a dreamlike marine world. A long-time admirer of the artist’s work, sometimes contemporary and refined, sometimes baroque, where shells and corals are skillfully intertwined, the meeting between Pierre Hermé and Thomas Boog was inevitable.

arcimboldo inspired chocolate egg

Born in the Swiss mountains and Parisian by adoption, interior designer, decorator and artist Thomas Boog has always been dazzled by seashells since his childhood. He quickly understood that the shell was a gift from Nature.

thomas boog face egg

He draws his inspiration from the seabed, using corals and shells to imagine decorations as elegant as they are unexpected. He plays with colors, materials and the structured accumulation of seashells.

Designer and decorator Thomas Boog
Designer and decorator Thomas Boog

Combine that with his affinity for the work of 16th c. Italian Painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo (as is apparent in the designer’s own collection of faces made from shells) and you get the most intricate of the collaboration, the symbol of the Easter 2021 collection, chocolate creation made of a multitude of shells that make up a face.

limited edition easter egg pierre herme

This unique egg in limited edition, symbol of the Easter 2021 collection, is a unique chocolate creation made of a multitude of shells that make up a face in the manner of the artist Arcimboldo.

herme boog prestige easter egg

luxury chocolate easter egg 2021

The passion for working with raw ingredients unites the two men in the quest for excellence. Thomas Boog selects, sculpts, polishes, bleaches and cuts the shells to reveal their sometimes discreet splendor. Pierre Hermé tastes, chooses, chisels, reveals, sublimates the best ingredients. Both, with precision and thoroughness, reinvent the material, associate it, to better sublimate it.

face easter eggs

Available in four versions, including the limited edition above: Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Blond Chocolate, each egg is made up of two chocolates highlighting a face in the manner of the extravagant works of Arcimboldo. Unique creations with an elegant and baroque blend of shells.

pierre herme x thomas boog easter egg face

pierre herme x thomas boog easter egg

boog chocolate face eggs arcibaldo

chocolate nautilus

These beautiful casts, presented like works of art on their plinth, give the Nautilus Avarum, a living fossil with an elegantly spiraled hull, all its letters of nobility. Available in three flavors and sizes.

milk chocolate nautilus shell

dark chocolate nautilus shell

chocolate nautilus shells

chocolate sculpture

A sober and refined line, the Poseidon egg reveals itself, marked with fossilized shell imprints carved into the chocolate. Three flavors and two sizes.

pierre herme thomas boog poseiden egg

chocolate poseidon eggs

Two new bars, with a wavy appearance reminiscent of the surf, are adorned with 4 shellfish deliciously filled with a hazelnut praline or a cedar pine praline.

prailine chocolate bars

With precision and meticulousness, they reinvent the material and combine it to sublimate it. The taste is amused by contrasts combining caramelized blond chocolate and milk chocolate or pure dark chocolate from Belize and milk chocolate in different blends.

thomas boog x pierre herme

Maison Pierre Herme
Designer and Decorator Thomas Boog