NFT Artist Perry Cooper’s Packaged Holidays

As Nifites (NST Art or Crypto Art) continue to grow in popularity, new artists are making a name for themselves with their digital capabilities combined with sound design. While I still have trouble wrapping my head around the concept of a digital still as NFT art, I am more likely to appreciate digital animations with sound as an investment. Motion graphics designer Perry Cooper’s Packaged Holidays are just one example of hypnotic, moving narratives you can purchase.

Perry Cooper’s Packaged Holidays

With over 18 years experience in the advertising industry, the British born, U.S. based Cooper only recently got into Crypto Art. When not producing digital media for world-class clients, Cooper likes to play and explore with playful animated loops. After sharing them via social media, he began to get a large number of people asking how he creates them, so he set up a youtube channel on which he shares tutorials and compilations with his readers.

We discovered his Packaged Holiday series of 6 digital looped works on MakersPlace where one can browse or buy exclusive art Drops by the world’s leading digital creators. In addition to Marine Cooler shown above, the series includes the four following digital loops. Sound design by @guiltfreepost

Pool Bag

Hard Pack:

Ticket to Ride

Baggage Claim

Find his work here on makersplace

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