16 Designer Perpetual Calendars That Are Timeless.

designer perpetual calendars

A selection of beautiful classic designer perpetual calendars created by some of the world’s best known names associated with modern style from Italy, Denmark, Germany and London.

The products shown here include classic modern designs by such respected and legendary icons as Enzo Mari, Massimo Vignelli, Pino Tovaglia, Folmer Christensen and Gideon Dagan that are still being produced. In addition, there are some beautiful new ones by Sebastian Bergne, Tom Dixon and others destined to become classics as well.

Designer Perpetual Calendars

Timor Perpetual Calendar designed by Enzo Mari
Timor perpetual calendar in black and white by Enzo Mari

One of the best known designs is the Timor table top perpetual calendar inspired by railway signs. Originated by the functional need for a one-piece-base and assure the object’s stability. All cards spin around a pin and indicate month, number and day of the week. Available in black or white.

Timor perpetual calendar white open by Enzo MariTimor perpetual calendar black open by Enzo MariBuy it in White here or in Black here
Buy it in Italian, French or German here

Formosa Perpetual Calendar designed by Enzo Mari
enzo mari formosa calendar with hand

Wall perpetual calendar composed by an anodized aluminium square divided into four sections indicating date’s number, day of the week and month. Lithographed PVC cards are supposed to be set everyday to indicate the right date: they hang on a black or natural aluminium support. Available in a red or black font and several languages.

Enzo Mari Formosa Perpetual calendar red fontEnzo Mari Formosa Perpetual calendar black font
Buy it with the Red font here
Or with the Black font here

formosa calendar multi
Available in Italian, English, French or German here

Today Perpetual Desk Calendar designed by Enzo Mari
enzo-mari-today-calendar in box

This perpetual desk calendar (11×37 cm) was born out of a collaboration between NAVA and the renowned designer Enzo Mari. Available in English, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish, German, and French, it’s the perfect object to adorn your desk with style.

today-perpetual-desk-calendarenzo mari english italianBuy it here

Perpetual Calendar Bilanca by Enzo Mari
detail-danese-enzo mari

The only one on my list made of wood, this perpetual calendar consists of a central section with three horizontally-mobile strips of different woods (Walnut wood for the central section and strips of ramin, steamed beech and maple woods). Silk-screen printed days, numbers and months. The third strip of wood acts as a counterbalance. Available in Italian or english.

Danese Milano Enzo Mari Bilanca perpetual calendarBuy it here on Amazon
or here

Max365 Perpetual Wall Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli
Max 365 vignelli Nava design

Created by Massimo Vignelli for Nava Design in 1975 this perpetual wall calendar is a minimalist classic. Made of gloss coated paper, the Max 365 features large white letters against a simple black background, a timeless combination that make it stylish and versatile.

Max 365 vignelli Nava design2Buy it here

Calendone Perpetual Wall Calendar designed by Pino Tovaglia

Designed by Pino Tovaglia, this perpetual wall calendar was created in 1975 and is characterized by large black numbers on a white background. Another iconic, timeless design.
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Perpetual Ring Calendar designed by Sebastian Bergne

A perpetual wall calendar that will not only keep you informed of the day, date and month, but will also give you the everyday satisfaction of interacting with its calm sculptural composition.

Ring_Calendar_w1Ring_Calendar_w2Buy it here

Perpetual Monthly Measure Calendar designed by Sebastian Bergne
Monthly_Measure calendar sebastian bergne 2

Both a perpetual calendar and ruler. The star is positioned on the serrated side of the ruler to show the day and date in the month. The date is easily changed by rolling the star along the ruler.

Monthly Measure Perpetual Calendar by Sebastian Bergne
Manufactured in Beech wood and cast aluminium. Star has day initials in English on one side and French on the other.
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Perpetual Wall Calendar designed by Folmer Christensen
folle wall calendar1

Measuring 3′ x 30″ this clean and classic wall calendar is available in brushed stainless steel with cobalt blue numbers or in black lacquered steel with white numbers. Made in Denmark by Folle.

folle stainless steel wall perpetual calendarBuy it here

Pencil Tray and Perpetual Desktop Calendar designed by Folmer Christensen
Pencil Tray Perpetual Calendar Folle

This version can be used to store pencils and comes with an integrated monthly calendar complete with red pointer and etched numbers in blue. Made of satin-polished stainless steel, it is manufactured in Denmark by Folle.

folle perpetual desktop calendardanish perpetual desktop calendarBuy it here

MoMA Perpetual Wall Calendar designed by Dan Reisinger
MoMA Perpetual Wall Calendar

A calendar that never goes out of date. Dan Reisinger’s dynamic and boldly interactive calendar encourages the user to create beautiful combinations of color and composition every day for more than 40,000 days. A sturdy metal frame holds six reversible bi-color cut-out sheets and cards which display the day of the week, month, and date.

MoMA Perpetual Wall Calendar image2

Dan Reisinger is a Tel Aviv-based artist whose multi-faceted work is defined by his compelling use of saturated color in highly geometric, minimalist contexts. His work has been featured in exhibitions all over the world, and his posters are included in major international collections.
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MoMA Perpetual Calender designed by Gideon Dagan
MoMA perpetual round calendars quad

Made of injection-molded ABS polymer and magnets, this modern design perpetual tabletop calendar is available in large (9″ x 2″ x 13″) or small (5.5″ x 7.75″) and in several color variations

MoMA round perpetual four colorsBuy it in Large Gray and Silver
Buy it in Large Red and Black
Buy it in Small Red
Buy it in Small Silver

MoMA Acrylic Perpetual Calender
In this desktop perpetual calendar the acrylic block slides through plastic frame to represent any month of the year. Measures 2.75″ x 5.5″ x 0.75″

MoMA Red Acrylic_Perpetual_CalendarBuy it in Red
MoMA Black_Small_Acrylic_Perpetual_CalendarBuy it in Black

Magnetic Perpetual Calendar by Block Design
Block grey outlined

The steel calendar adds a touch of typography to a stylish shelf or desk top. The Perpetual Calendar, available in four colors, is supplied with colorful magnets. Move the magnets beneath the calendar days and number to highlight the date with color. Measures 118 x 170 x 48 mm
Buy it in Grey

Block red outlinedBuy it in Red

Block perpetual-calendar-blue-and orange
or Buy it in Blue and Orange which are both on sale here

The Tool Perpetual Calendar by Tom Dixon
tool-perpetual-calendar by Tom Dixon

A stainless steel calendar with three mobile magnetic graphic cursors for the modern diarist. Each calendar is etched with numbers and letters to represent every date in the year. Move chosen markers and cursors around the board to tell the correct date and reuse year after year. Stand your calendar proud on your desk or hang on a wall and never miss a date again. Designed in London. Approximate size: 12″ x 8″
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Step Perpetual Calendar
step perpetual calendar black and silver

Simple graphic design takes up little space on your desk with this creation while delivering a large impact. Eternally correct, the perpetual calendar lets you set the month according to day and date. The modern step outline adds visual interest to the repeating motif of the calendar layout. Perfect for offices and other work areas where space and style are in high demand.

Step Perpetual Calendar Black onlyBuy it in Black
step_perpetual_calendar_silverBuy it in Silver