People, Places & Things As Seen By Photographer Cormac Hanley

photographer cormac hanley

With a great range of subjects, as well as moods, photographer Cormac Hanley has captured people, places and things with a unique eye.

Photographer Cormac Hanley

From beautiful to disturbing, photographer Corman Hanley creates work fitting as editorial, commercial or simply as art. His combining of unexpected subjects like dolls with burning cigarettes or pistols with candy coating are both aesthetically compelling and thought-provoking. Still lives to narratives, close-ups to diptychs, his work is worth sharing. Below are a few of his beautiful photographs.

Photographer Cormac Hanley
Photographer Cormac Hanleycormac hanley photography
commercial photographer cormac hanley
commericial photography
smoking baby doll

digital photography

spider in sink
editorial photography

bunny suit and gun cormac hanley
commericial photography by cormac hanley lifebouy

About the artist/ photographer (from his own site):

Cormac William Hanley was born in Ireland in 1970. Drawn to the clean hyper-realistic styles of artists such as Michael English and Robert Ballagh, Cormac began his visual career as an Airbrush illustrator. This quickly evolved into an early profession in graphic design and in creative direction. In his photography he has returned to capturing and constructing images which fit into his vision of the world, its contents and inhabitants.

His earlier compositional grounding is evident in his strong graphical approach to image making. Cormac finds stimulation in the contrast between meticulous studio work and the world that waits outside.Asked of how he works he maintains one guiding belief: “In pursuing perfection; when you take away all the flaws, there is not a lot left that matters”.

Cormac lives with his family in both Ireland and France and travels extensively.

cormac hanley photographer

Cormac William Hanley

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