Paul Flowers’ Funky Nomad Bath Furnishings Mix Corian With Wood.

corian nomad tub

At the 2014 IMM Cologne international Furniture Fair DuPont ™ Corian ® exhibited the concept study for bathroom furnishings, “Modern Nomads”, with designs by Paul Flowers, chief designer of Grohe AG.

Paul Flowers Modern Nomads Bath Collection

corian nomad tub dark grey 1 IIHIH

corian nomad tub dark grey 3 IIHIH

corian nomad sink dark grey 1 IIHIH

corian nomad sink dark grey 2 IIHIH

A design influenced by nature, interpreted in a socially relevant fashion and arranged by sophisticated experience: For the new concept study “Modern Nomads” Paul Flowers, Vice President of Design at GROHE AG, and DuPont™ Corian® combine quality, design and perfect shapes to form a stunning ensemble. Highly individual and absolutely unique, they reflect the changing living situations of modern society. The fascinating designs have been realized by DuPont™ Corian® Quality Network Partner Moser GmbH from Haslach.

corian nomad sink white 1 IIHIH

corian nomad sink white 2 IIHIH

corian nomad tub white 1 IIHIH

corian nomad tub white 2 IIHIH

corian nomad tub white 3 IIHIH

The objects designed by Paul Flowers have little in common with conventional bathroom furniture of the past. They incorporate developments of an advancing society; answer a growing desire for mobility without uprooting or ignoring the changing circumstances of the different phases of one’s life.

corian nomad shower dark grey 1 IIHIH

corian nomad shower dark grey 2 IIHIH

corian nomad shower white 1 IIHIH

corian nomad shower white 2 IIHIH

Paul Flowers favors homelike, flexible, individual pieces of furniture, separated from the walls. The pieces are freestanding, can be easily moved and enable individuality and mobility irrespective of the home owner’s age. Every piece can create its own little island of comfort and well-being, adapts to changing circumstances and new layouts. The details and materials of these designs form a perfect aesthetically appealing and functional unit. Integrated power cords with colorful textile lining, striking chrome links, delicate oak legs, functional towel racks, indirect RGB Lighting as well as surfaces made of hygienic, easy to maintain Corian® form a bridge between function and design. Colored in Corian® Glacier White and Corian® Deep Nocturne, the designs are at the same time modern and traditional: Intentional references to historic elements such as the “zuber” tub are treasured reminders of things long past.

corian nomad cabinet dark grey IIHIH

corian nomad cabinet white IIHIH

In addition, the designs include an interesting technology feature: With the help of wireless technology water is digitalized; bathroom furniture serves as an interface between the human and technology, Chrome taps “Strio 7“ from Grohe are operated with a digital control unit which can be installed anywhere on the sink, bathtub or shower. The mechanization of the bathroom not only offers more mobility but equally supports Paul Flower’s sustainability concept: Sophisticated controls and pre-set water temperatures help to reduce water consumption.

corian nomad collection grey and white IIHIH

all images courtesy of DuPont Corian