Special Paris Limited Edition Liberace Opening Piano Ring

If bling’s your thing, then this special Paris Limited Edition Liberace Opening Piano Ring, designed to commemorate an exhibit of Liberace artifacts, will make you squeal with joy.

Paris Limited Edition Liberace Opening Piano Ring

Paris Limited Edition Liberace Opening Piano Ring

A Paris exhibit opening inspires an opening edition of the popular piano ring for Foundation supporters. This special edition of the Liberace Piano ring opens up, just as Liberace’s did. The inspiration is the Baron Hilton Liberace Piano Ring, exhibited at the Paris Museum of Modern Art May 18, 2017 until November 5, 2017 as the centerpiece of a collection of artifacts from the Liberace Museum Collection which are featured in “Medusa: Jewelry and Taboo,” and exhibit by Anne Dessen.

Annie Leibovitz, Liberace, Las Vegas, 1981, Cibachrome print

The exhibit marks the first time Liberace has been recognized and featured by a major European cultural institution. Proceeds from the sale of the ring offset the costs to the Liberace Foundation of the exhibition.

above: Flamboyant American pianist Liberace displays his wealth of jewelry as he sweeps into a London Airport. Circa 1980.(photo:David Ashdown/Keystone/Getty Images)

Madame Line Renaud, who first introduced Liberace to Paris in 1955, before she made her tremendous debut at Casino de Paris in Las Vegas, is the Honorary Chairperson of the Event.

The ring opens and features a locking lid prop, as well as wire closure clasp matching the original, so that the ring may be worn open or closed.

The numbered Certificate of Appreciation and Authentication provides the information for posterity, as well as the size of the ring it accompanies. It features the Liberace signature logo and an Eiffel Tower watermark, as well as a ring photo.

The ring comes in a commemorative leatherette box which depicts the Liberace signature logo over the wording “Paris 2017 Edition”

Clear Cubic Zirconium on gold tone jewelers metals. Shipping included.

Paris Limited Edition Liberace Piano Ring with Certificate of Authenticity
$349.00, buy it here

The original Liberace Piano Ring Replica, which does not open, is also available here  for $250.00