Pantone Chopstix and Hangers? The Mood Food Collection and More New Products by Room Copenhagen for Pantone Universe.

pantone mood food collection

As the Pantone Universe product lines continue to grow, more options for color lovers permeate the marketplace. In partnership with Pantone, Room Copenhagen has developed a new collection of colorful products, The Mood Food Collection. The new items are for food prep, food service and home organization.

Pantone Mood Food Collection

Keeping in line with the Pantone color scheme, the design and product development are nurtured in close collaboration involving the ROOM COPENHAGEN design team, Pantone and the world-renowned Knud Holscher Design studio.

‘Good Mood Food’ is the name of their line of new products suited for serving everything from breakfast to sushi and more with various sized food trays, dipping bowls, and even chopstix!

Other Pantone Universe food prep and tableware from Room Copenhagen includes three sizes of bowls, two kinds of cups, a butter board, cutting boards, a serving tray and serving utensils.


Pantone Bowls:
pantone bowls

Pantone Cups:

Pantone Egg Cups:
pantone egg cups

Stackable trays for food or household items can be purchased as a set of 11 or individually:
pantone tableware

Pantone Chopstix:
pantone chopstix

Pantone Placemats:
pantone placemats

Pantone Serving Utensils:

Pantone Butter Board:

Pantone Cutting Boards:

Also available in the Pantone Universe collection from Room Copenhagen are the following organizational products.

Pantone Key and Mobile phone trays:

Pantone Credit Card Holders:

Pantone Hangers:

pantone hangers

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