A Pantone Cafe Pops Up In Monaco

pantone cafe in monaco

Pantone has opened a temporary pop-up cafe on Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. The Monaco Restaurant Group is behind the colorful cafe that serves color-coded coffee, croissants, Italian sodas, sandwiches, foccacia, snacks and homemade ice cream throughout the day.

Pop-Up Pantone Cafe

pantone cafe1

A vibrant bistro influenced by the global color matching system created by Lawrence Herbert in 1963, the cafe offers food and drink, each responding to a matching hue. An eclair is paired with a rich, chocolate brown packaging; water bottles bear a soft blue label; and a spritz is served in a vibrant orange vessel.

Pantone cafe menu

Pantone-Cafe- pop up

The walk-up cafe pays homage to the iconic Pantone Matching System with everything from the menu, decor and food being assigned the Pantone numerical codes and swatches. In addition to the menu items, the saturated tones are applied to folding chairs, food trays, napkins, and the façade of the pop-up restaurant, forming a visual and vibrant experience for visitors to the coastline’s bustling Grimaldi Forum.


The Pantone food and drink:

Pantone cups and trays


Pantone cafe sandwich on tray

Pantone-pistachio eclair


The Pantone Trays:
pantone universe trays

The Pantone Chairs:
Pantone cafe chairs

The Pantone Teas:
Pantone teas

pop up pantone cafe in monaco

The Pantone Bottled Sodas:
bottled pantone sodas IIHIH

The Pantone Espresso machines:
pantone espresso machines

The Pantone Italian Ice Machines:
Pantone cafe italian ice sodas

The Pantone Uniforms worn by the waitresses:

The Full Pantone Cafe Menu:

The Pantone Cafe in Monaco will only be serving through early late August, 2015.

pantone cafe at Red Grimaldi Forum

all images courtesy of The Pantone Cafe website (which no longer exists), Riccardo Giraudi and instagram