A Christmas Ornament That Tracks Your Holiday Packages!

This season, the U.S. Postal Service introduced an ornament, in a limited trial, that tracks your holiday packages! The Most Wonderful Ornament™ kit is an innovative Christmas bauble that tells you when your package has been sent, delivered and — for the first time ever — opened by the recipient.

Package Tracking Christmas Ornament

This package tracking Christmas ornament merely needs to be plugged in to either your christmas lights or a wall outlet and the Most Wonderful Ornament™ changes color as your package is shipped, delivered and opened.

When it’s been sent this blue symbol appears.

When it’s been delivered, this red symbol appears.

And when it’s been opened, this green symbol appears.

Here’s how it works.

Fill the box provided in your kit with gifts and attach the shipping label. Then send your package on its merry way.

Connect The Most Wonderful Ornament™ to a strand of holiday lights or a wall outlet in the location of your choice.

Watch The Most Wonderful Ornament™ change color as your package is shipped, delivered and opened.

If you’re away from The Most Wonderful Ornament™, you can still see the status of your package. You just enter your Kit ID on the Ornament tracking site.

Since it was a test this year, hopefully the ornament will be available for purchase from your Postal Service next year.

USPS The Most Wonderful Ornament