Over 220 Beautiful Modern Menorahs (The Updated Megile Modern Menorah List.)

Modern Menorahs

Seven years ago, I began compiling an annual list of beautifully designed and unusual modern menorahs for those who wanted to participate in the tradition of the nightly lighting of the candles in observance of Hanukkah (or Chanukah) without an old style or traditional Hanukkia or Menorah.

Beautiful Modern Menorahs

beautiful mdern menorahs
Stanley Saitowitz, Menorah, 1995, stainless steel, 16.5 x 4.5 x 8.75 inches. Fabrication by Natoma Architects. Courtesy of the artist. Photos: Brian McGanty

At that time is was hard to find any accessible and affordable Judaica that was contemporary, let alone modern, but that has since changed. Artists, designers and popular stores like Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Target all carry menorahs now, most sold online, but that doesn’t mean they are all attractive or well-designed. So, I’ve separated the wheat from the chaff for you.

Crate and Barrel's Mid-Century Modern-style Brass Menorah for 2013
Crate and Barrel’s Mid-Century Modern-style Brass Menorah for 2013
2013 Menorah created by Albert Paley for Brock & Co.
2013 Menorah created by Albert Paley for Brock & Co. , limited to 20 editions.

This list doesn’t include cheesy novelty menorahs made in the shape of shoes, trains, school buses, dogs, dancing rabbis or cats. Okay, admittedly I did include DCI’s LED Motherboard Menorah, the giant Matchstick Menorah and the Galvanized Pipe Menorah by Joe Grand, which may border on novelty to some, but have a Pop Art and Dada-like style.

The motherboard menorah, pipe menorah and matchstick menorah made the list because of their Pop art and Dada qualities

The list does include modern and functional menorahs that range from high end menorahs by well-known luxury brands like Tiffany, Christofle, Steuben, Waterford, Spode, Lenox and Nambé to artisan menorahs by some of Israel’s finest artists, metalsmiths and jewelers.

Nambé menorah
Nambé Illume Menorah, new for 2009
reddish design studio menorah
an unusual menorah from Reddish Design Studio suspends found candleholders in a white frame.

The list also includes ultra modern versions from such hip designers as Jonathan Adler and Karim Rashid and even menorahs by world renowned modern artists and architects like Dali, Agam, Romeo Britto and Richard Meier.

Yaacov Agam menorah 1966
the Levels menorah by Yaacov Agam is layered 24kt gold over bronze and was designed in 1966

Other respected brands with their own line of items like David Mellor, Michael Aram, Simon Pearce, Umbra and Jay Strongwater also have menorahs on this list.

david mellor menorah
Corin Mellor’s Stainless Steel Menorah for David Mellor Design is limited to 6 editions

Blown glass, borosilicate glass, hand-forged iron, gold, gold-plated, sterling silver, silver plate, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, pewter, exotic woods, stone, cement, lucite, acrylic, resin and even Swarovski studded menorahs can be found on the list.

swarovski menorah
the most blingy on the list is a menorah encrusted in Swarovski crystals

There’s a huge range of prices, from $14.00 to over $100,000.00, so you can see that price was not a criteria for the list. Some are limited editions, some are one of a kind and some may already be sold out.

Additions since 2011:

Architectonic Menorah designed by Richard Meier:
richard meier menorah

Ascalon Menorah with Candles, Designed by Brad Ascalon for Design Within Reach:
ascalon menorah

Sharsheret Link Brass Menorah:
Sharsheret Link Brass Menorah

Veritas Translucent Menorah for Barneys:
Veritas Translucent Menorah

Veritas U Shaped Blue Translucent Menorah for Barney’s
veritas u shaped menorah

Josh Owen Cast Iron Menorah for AREAWARE
josh owen menorah

Electric Wood Menorah Lamp by Studio Pepe Haykoop :
Electric Wood Menorah Lamp by Studio Pepe Haykoop

Industrial Style Copper Menorah:
industrail copper menorah

Sea Light Menorahs made from recycled guitars by Weisbeck Design:
(available at both the Jewish Museum and Modern Tribe)
Weisbeck Design menorahs

The Temple Menorah by Mary Jurek:
temple menorah

The Lumenella Step Menorah:
luminella step menorah

Water Blossom Menorah by Amy Reichert
Water Blossom Menorah by Amy Reichert

JML Menorah by Amy Reichert:
JML Menorah by Amy Reichert:

Jonathan Adler’s Utopia Reversible Man/Woman Menorah:
Jonathan Adler's Utopia Reversible Man/Woman Menorah

Jonathan Adler’s Ceramic Elephant and Dacschund Menorahs
Jonathan Adler's Elephant Menorah
adler dacschund menorah

Jonathan Adler Bel Air Lucite Menorah (blue or yellow)
Jonathan Adler Bel Air Lucite Menorah

‘Fragile’ Menorah by Studio Kahn
'Fragile' Menorah by Studio Kahn

The Large and Small Cork Menorahs by Daniel Michalik in blue, red or green screenprint.
Cork Menorahs by Daniel Michalik

Module R Hex Menorah by Ian Milne (silver or brass):
Module R Hex Menorah by Ian Milne (silver or brass)

A Stunning Steampunk menorah by Weirdward Works (sold):
steampunk menorah

steampunk menorah (detail)

A One of A Kind Menorah made of perfume bottles by Mr. Kate
Mr. Kate perfume bottle menorah

The Bloom Menorah by Melanie Dankowicz:
The Bloom Menorah by Melanie Dankowicz:

Rainbow Rock Menorah
rainbow rock menorah

Now 460+ Menorahs!

I constantly continue to add more modern menorahs I find to my Pinterest board, and as of 2017, there are more than 460, so be sure to continue to check that out!

If you don’t have a menorah you like by now, you’d better start shopping. And if you can’t find a menorah you like in this exhaustive list, then you’re meshugge.

Happy Holidays!