Hans van Bentem’s Custom Chandeliers For Rock And Royal Get Even Hipper

rock n royal chandeliers

It’s time for an update on these one-of-a-kind works. Hans van Bentem’s hip chandeliers continue to defy the traditional ornate crystal monstrosities that we are used to seeing, now with even edgier designs.

Rock and Royal Chandeliers

rock and royal chandeliers

A few years ago I did a post on the chandelier designs by Dutch sculptor Hans van Bentem for Rock and Royal, a Rotterdam based company that handcrafts giant beautiful ceiling-suspended custom crystal chandeliers for a select clientele and museums (15 of the chandeliers were commissioned for the Netherlands Escher Museum).

2017 UPDATE: Sadly, Rock and Royal is no longer in business, but you can keep up with the designer’s work on his FaceBook page here

Made from high quality Bohemian crystal, each is a hand crafted, custom-made work of art, tailored to the customer’s personal taste and specifications.

The taste of their customers has grown trendier since my last post, given that their impressive works now include more weapons, a diamond, a dick and even a ‘virus’:

pistol crystal chandelier

automatic rifle chandelier



penis chandelier


The creations also include a Human form, a Buddha, and a pipe that seems to be inspired by surrealist Magritte’s famous “This Is Not A Pipe” painting:




Of course there’s the requisite Skull and Crossbones:
skull and crossbones chandelier
and a Spider:
spider chandelier
and a Shark:
shark chandelier

In addition to these unusual, but really beautifully crafted pieces, they do have some kinder, gentler creations.






and some like this Hammer and Sickle:

and a Wheelbarrow:

Some really incredible installations:

Rock and Royal
The Netherlands

About Hans van Bentem:

Born in The Hague, he now lives and works in Rotterdam, the Czech Republic and China. A multi-talented artist, he works in ceramic as well as glass and creates many installations and sculptures beyond the chandeliers, like his wonderful glass aliens, a few of which are shown below:

see his own website here.