Oscars Art Series: Artists Create Posters For The 87th Academy Awards.

Oscars Art Series Posters

These are the types of things most people never see unless they really scour the Academy’s website. These commissioned poster designs by 14 worldwide artists and graphic designers were inspired by this year’s show and the phrase, “Imagine What’s Possible.”  The most shared designs of these will be featured on the Oscars red carpet tonight.

Oscars Art Series Posters

The Oscars Art Series Posters below have been cropped to edit out the bottom section with the Oscar Broadcast details and logo, so you can focus on the design by each artist.

Artist Series #1, Designed by Alex Trochut | Spain
Artist Posters For The 87th Academy Awards

“Letter forms are a way of expressing non verbal communication [and] when done thoughtfully, a visual communication similar to picking the right dress for the Oscar red carpet. For this particular project, I selected influences from Art Deco and Avant Garde found on the red carpet.”

Artist Series #2, Designed by Si Scott | United Kingdom
Artist Series #2, Designed by Si Scott
Si Scott is a UK based artist who specializes in a unique blend of hand inked and penned design with a mix of modern and traditional typography.

Artist Series #3, Designed by Santtu Mustonen | Finland
Designed by Santtu Mustonen
Santtu Mustonen is a Finnish illustrator living and working in New York City; he finds inspiration in organic patterns, natural science and movement.

Artist Series #4, Designed by Robert Cha | United States
Oscar poster Designed by Robert Cha

“The concept of this poster is the cinematic universe. The universe serves as a visual and literal metaphor for cinema, in that there are infinite possibilities in what we can see or imagine.”

Artist Series #5, Designed by Danny Park | United States
Oscar Poster Designed by Danny Park

“This piece is inspired by the quote ‘Imagine What’s Possible’ and the Polish School of Posters, which is characterized by simple metaphors; with the camera pointed at him, the Oscar statuette imagines what’s possible and leaps into the air, dancing.”

Artist Series #6, Designed by Petra Borner | Sweden
Oscar Poster by Petra Borner | Sweden

“I wanted to create a psychedelic or dreamlike montage depicting the web-like interaction taking place between the creator and the audience. It’s woven into a world of the unknown, central is beauty and fluidity of connections. Films wash over and seep into us like waves. Who’s watching who? Where does it all begin? Where is the root to inspiration, the possibilities are countless, endless? The artwork is cut in layers of paper, a technique parallel to the traditional way of cutting film into moving image.”

Artist Series #7, Designed by Hattie Stewart | United Kingdom
Hattie Stewart Oscar Poster| United Kingdom

“For my piece I wanted to create a multi layered Oscars universe … As my design revolves around the iconic Oscars statue, all elements are interacting and interlinking around it as the ‘icon’ of this world. The piece is also designed to look like this imaginary world is coming forth from the statue itself.

Subtle homages to the Hollywood Dolby Theater create the stage for this world and act as the anchor for the Oscars statue … I have used the heart characters as subtle references to [the] different genres of film like musicals and dramas but they also express the frenzied excitement ever present during the Oscars. This element of the design is important to me to show the ‘possibilities’ the Oscars provide aren’t just for one night, but all year round.”

Artist Series #8, Designed by Blastto | Spain
Oscar Poster by Blastto

“When we dream, our imagination can run wild and we can build our own reality. It’s a world where possibilities are endless. My poster is built with the aesthetics and my favorite elements from surreal films, arranged around the statuette. It represents the possibilities of what we can do with our imagination. And it’s an invitation to dream more.”

Artist Series #9, Designed by Mogollon | United States
Designed by Mogollon | United States cropped IIHIH

“For this assignment we were thinking about the Oscar statue as the ‘Movie Star.’ We wanted it to literally be in the spot light and the focus of all eyes. Stylistically, we were influenced by some of the design elements of the Deco era that characterize the period in which the Oscars [were] created as well as the Golden Age of Hollywood films. Since the Oscar is the star of this composition, we made sure not to overpower it’s presence by keeping our lines and colors simple and elegant.”

Artist Series #10, Designed by Geoff McFetridge | Canada
Designed by Geoff McFetridge | Canada cropped IIHIH

“The concept of the image is that they are creating a monolithic frame for the statue. They themselves are statues, but in anonymous collaboration. The idea is that many people work together to have Oscars awarded, so the idea is they are all attached and relying on each other for support.”

Artist Series #11, Designed by Jonny Wan | United Kingdom
Designed by Jonny Wan | United Kingdom cropped IIHIH

“The Academy has always played a monumental part in creating a culture that cultivates the best in creative and intellectual achievements. From the advancement of technology to the bold and imaginative craft created by its members, it has given life to the greatest stories ever told.
That being said, it was very important for me to create an illustration that paid homage to these branches of craft on and off screen. I used bold geometric shapes and lavish ornamentation to give it an Art Deco feel but with a playful contemporary twist. My response was to create something that visually reflected not only the luxury and exuberance of the Academy Awards but also represented the faith in progress, change and unlimited imagination.”

Artist Series #12, Designed by Pomme Chan | Thailand
Designed by Pomme Chan | Thailand cropped IIHIH

“When I think of the Oscars, the first thing that comes up to my mind is the classic red carpet moment. I chose to interpret the red carpet here as filled with roses.”

Artist Series #13, Designed by Nick Chaffe | United Kingdom
Designed by Nick Chaffe | United Kingdom cropped IIHIH

“So much effort and magic goes into making a film, and it’s always heartening to watch the Oscars reward and celebrate the many people involved. I’ve illustrated typography representing the many emotions around the event, so each award category can shine off the iconic gold beacon that is the Oscar.”

Artist Series #14, Designed by Steve Wilson | United Kingdom
Designed by Steve Wilson | United Kingdom cropped IIHIH

“The design is heavily influenced by the era in which the Oscars originated, the art deco glamour at the beginning of the golden age of film. I liked the idea that I could look back to the past but draw it with such a modern, technical and digital aesthetic. I think this represents modern film making and modern day creativity of any kind. While the possibilities of today are now endless with what modern technology has to offer, so much is owed to the past and what has gone before.”

Despite the fact that the posters say the series contains 15, there is no #15. At least not in the Oscar Art Gallery. Go figure.

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