Onza Ceramic Tiles Inspired By Chocolate Bars

Onza Ceramic Tiles

Onza Ceramic Tiles were designed by Alberto Sánchez of MUT for Spanish tile manufacturer Peronda’s most irresistible line. The white, grey or terracotta ceramic wall tiles were inspired by chocolate bars.

Onza Ceramic Tiles

Onza Ceramic Tiles

tiles that look like chocolate bars

Inspired by chocolate bars – their texture, the production process and how they melt down with heat, MUT Design’s the ceramic tiles for Peronda’s Harmony line is the most minimalist and conceptual design devised by the studio up to now.

grey tiling

Onza tiles in orange

wall and floor tiles

Onza tiles in orange

Available in Grey, Terracotta and White Ceramic, the tiles can be mixed to create different looks or used in one color for a textural effect. Suitable for any space – bath, kitchen, home or office.

Onza tiles inspired by chocolate bars

 Ceramic Tiles

onza wall tiles by Mut Design for Peronda

With this collection, MUT Design deepens its collaboration with Peronda and adds a new whimsical project to the Peronda Fashion Lab, an initiative promoted by the tile manufacturer with the aim of becoming an empirical think tank for many renowned multidisciplinary artists.

onza tiles with logos

Manufactured by Peronda