A Cool Concrete Ark In The Midst Of A Pasture – Konieczny’s Ark by KWK Promes

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Robert Konieczny’s Ark is a very unusual and fascinatingly different concrete home in the midst of a sloping pasture. Designed by the Polish Architectural firm, KWK Promes, of which Robert is the owner, the home whose roof and base match in design, has moving walls and invites the local animals to take visit and take shelter from the wind.

KWK Promes Konieczny’s Ark


Homes in this area of the Polish Mountains are often vulnerable to landslides due to their locations on the sloping fields. To safeguard this building, the architects created a design that ‘floats’ above ground, with a base that is an inverted roof, giving the Ark its boat-like aesthetic, while allowing for water and mud to flow underneath freely, without damaging the property.

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Konieczny's Ark by KWK Promes

Only one of the home’s corners actually makes contact with the earth. This is where the house’s main entrance is situated, with the rest of the building being suspended in the air.

Konieczny's Ark by KWK Promes

This entrance is protected by a drawbridge operated by an automated pulley mechanism.

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The concrete walls facing the mountains slide open to reveal the entrance and the interior living space.

KWK Promes

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Konieczny's Ark poland

Konieczny's Ark by KWK Promes interior

The home’s main material is poured concrete which becomes stronger with the help of the external walls that manage the tension created by the Ark’s inverted roof-shaped base (shown lit from underneath at night below).

Konieczny's Ark by KWK Promes

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Konieczny placed an electrified fence which can be turned on and off around the property. When the fence is turned off, the horses and sheep use the inverted base of the home as shelter from the wind and rain.

The base of the home also has another drawbridge-like entrance which serves as ample storage for lawn mowers and the like.

The best description of the home comes from Robert himself in this 8 minute video below:

Konieczny's Ark by KWK Promes

images and information courtesy of KWK Promes and Wallpaper magazine