Politically Incorrect Offensive Crayons Have Off-Color Names

offensive crayons with off-color names

Not for the meek or easily insulted, the politically incorrect Offensive Crayons have off-color names. A box of 24 real crayons you can buy with hilariously inventive blunt, direct and shudder-inducing colors.

Offensive Crayons Have Off-Color Names

offensive crayons have off-color names

With the popularity of Adult Coloring Books, why not draw outside the lines with off-color crayons far more suited to them than politically-correct Crayolas?

With a box of Offensive Crayons, no one person or group escapes unscathed. The insulting crayons poke fun at everything from LBGT to Miscarriages to Auschwitz. There are vulgar body-function crayons such as Baby Shit Green, Boner Pill Blue and Golden Shower Goldenrod. There’s a few not-so-subtle jabs at President Donald Trump with colors like Presidential (orange), Travel Ban Brown and Privilege (white). Corporations, Vegans, Activists and even Children of Divorced Parents have their own irreverent colors.

offensive crayons on if it's hip, it's here

They are adding new colors all the time and will be releasing “Holiday” colors as we near the end of the year. You can even submit your own ideas for names here.

Initially banned on Amazon Amazon for “offending children and Caucasians”, they are back and available for purchase online.

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