Crayola Finally Launches Flesh Colored Crayons For Everyone.

Crayola Colors of the World Crayons

It only took them 50 years too long, but Crayola has finally launched Colors of The World, Multicultural Crayons in a box of 24 and in a box of 32 (which includes 8 classic colors for eyes and details). Read more

Politically Incorrect Offensive Crayons Have Off-Color Names

Not for the meek or easily insulted, the politically incorrect Offensive Crayons have off-color names. A box of 24 real crayons you can buy with hilariously inventive blunt, direct and shudder-inducing colors. Read more

Pop Culture Carved Crayons By Hoang Tran Will Color You Excited.

Pop Culture Carved Crayons

Although not the first artist to carve images from Crayola crayons, Hoang Tran of Sunnyvale, carves his in even more detailed likenesses than our other favorite Crayon carver, Diem Chau, and adds painted details. And since he is lesser known, his are actually available for purchase at an affordable price. Read more

The Alphabet & Northwest Native Flora and Fauna Carved Into Crayons by Diem Chau.

Crayons Carved as Native Northwest Flora and Fauna

In honor of her gallery showing at the G. Gibson Gallery in Seattle, artist Diem Chau has carved yet another amazing set of crayons. This time, it’s the complete alphabet along with flora and fauna (and a person or two) corresponding to each of the 26 letters and all related to the Great Northwest. Read more

Star Wars Carved Crayons; Darth, Chewbacca, C3PO and StormTrooper

above: photo by Mark Merlot.

Although these carved crayons were not made by Diem Chau, whose many crayola sculptures I’ve shared with you in the past, the Star Wars Crayolas were made by Steve Thompson and have been featured on many a geek and sci-fi blog. If you haven’t seen them, here’s a good look: Read more

Diem Chau’s Crayons Carved As The 12 Chinese Zodiacs

Chinese Zodiac Carved Crayons by Diem Chau
above: individually hand carved crayons that represent the 12 symbols of the Chinese Zodiac.

I can’t seem to get enough of the very talented Diem Chau‘s unusual work. While her porcelain work is amazing, it’s her carved crayola crayons that continue to blow me away. Read more

The Unusual Art of Christian Faur. Portraits Made With Crayons and More.

Art of Christian Faur
above:True Color Series Girl 1, 2008

Artist Christian Faur is the Director of Collaborative Technologies in the Arts at Denison University in Granville Ohio and his title couldn’t be more apt. He works with shredded paper, hand cast encaustic crayons and mathematical formulas to create pieces that in addition to being aesthetically pleasing, say much more. But I will let his work and his own statement speak for themselves. Read more