The Ocean Kitchen By Robert Kolenik Eco Chic Design


Dutch designer Robert Kolenik specializes in eco chic.  His Amsterdam-based design firm incorporates nature and environmentally friendly products in their luxurious interior designs. The Ocean kitchen is his latest example of functional design coexisting with living nature.

The Ocean Kitchen

The Ocean Kitchen (Ocean ‘Keuken’) has been in the works for awhile. The 2012 computer rendering by Kolenik shown below was the designer’s initial concept.

The Ocean Kitchen

Now it’s been produced as a fully customizable design in which the aquarium serves as the base for a kitchen counter that carefully conceals cabinetry, storage space and the filter.

aquarium kitchen island

aquarium in kitchen

The counter/stove top effortlessly lifts with the press of a button to feed the fish and maintain the L-shaped tank easily.

stovetop hydraulic lift over aquarium

Photographer Rene van Dongen, shooting the piece for a cover shoot

Made to measure and available in limited quantities the Ocean Kitchen can be ordered here.

About Kolenik Eco Chic Design:
kolenik design

The firm, launched by Robert Kolenik in 2005, specializes in both private residences and public venues. Customizing all the elements helps the young designer to retain full creative control of his projects.

designer Robert Kolenik
designer Robert Kolenik

With a style best described as minimalist and warm, Kolenik carefully marries functionality and aesthetics to create harmony and balance. The use of materials like natural stone and living nature add interest to their spaces and are the hallmark of Robert’s style.

Moss walls, tree trunk table bases, driftwood chandeliers and illuminated stone counters and rock carved wash basins are just some of the natural elements Robert combines with hardware and fixtures to create sophisticated interiors for hotels, restaurants, corporations, private residences and more.

Each and every Kolenik design is unique; from the made to measure furniture to the most minute, beautiful details and innovative solutions.

Kolenik Eco Chic Design