Mygdal Plantlights Double As Terrariums That Don’t Need Water

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A ways back we introduced you to very cool glass indoor suspension and table lamps that functioned as Terrariums designed by Nui Studio. At that time the Lamp Mygdal was not yet available for purchase. Now refined and technologically advanced (controllable via app), the renamed Mygdal Plantlight is now available as a pendant lamp only, but in two sizes.

Nui Studio Mygdal Plantlights

Nui Studio Mygdal Plantlights

Home lighting that doubles as indoor terrariums, the Nui Studio Mygdal Plantlights are an entirely self-supporting.

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An ecosystem based on the spectral similarity between its specifically designed LEDs and sunlight, they require no watering or window light.

They not only provide indoor light but bit of nature as well. The pendant lights are available in size Large or Regular

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Hermetically sealed, the water inside the pendant cannot escape, evaporating and condensing in a closed cycle that keeps the plant sufficiently wet at all times. The pendant’s aluminum bottom with the plant can be opened easily in seconds, should you want to change the array.

The plants practice photosynthesis just as they would in nature. Using the LightControl app, the color, intensity, time and duration of lighting can be easily controlled via smartphone or tablet.

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Thanks to Nui Studio’s specifically composed soil with an extremely slow growth, the plants are exceptionally lush and strong and can be easily changed to suit your mood.

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Mygdal Plantlights are a tribute to traditional glassmaking and a combination of nature, technology and design.

The glass pendants are crafted in Germany

They embody Nui Studio’s philosophy of rejuvenating traditional crafts and trades by fusing them with modern technologies and cooperating with regional manufacturing companies to produce high-end, timeless pieces of furniture.

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All images and info courtesy of Nui Studio