Goldfish Side Tables Are Like Tiny Indoor Koi Ponds

goldfish swimming end tables

These Goldfish end tables are like having tiny indoor koi ponds. Occasional tables that have little Goldfish or Carp that appear to be swimming in their clear tops. Available in two sizes, as well as two colors, the Up In The Air tables are as fun as they are functional.

Goldfish Tables

up in the air goldfish end tables

The “Up In The Air” tables are a unique design by Ramón Úbeda and Otto Canalda for Viccarbe. Various types of lifelike goldfish, which are made by hand and are finished in detail, have been incorporated into the top of the cylindrical tables.

goldfish tables

unique furniture

The table top is also covered with an anti-reflective optical glass. This causes the goldfish to appear to float in a vacuum. The Up In The Air side tables are further finished with white or black lacquer and is then covered with a UV-resistant layer.

faux goldfish embedded tables

goldfish end tables duo

This design is also available in two different colors (black or white) and in two different sizes: medium (35cm height) and large (45cm height).

making the fish by hand
handpainting the fish
Bubble fish
Bubblefish in low table, white

There are four different versions of the Up In The Air, each with its own type of goldfish in the tabletop (as shown in the images): – ‘Bubble eyes’ (one fish) – ‘Gold Carp’ (one fish) – ‘Dragon eyes’ (two fish) – ‘Golden Carp’ (three fish). Prices vary depending upon size and style.

unusual end tables

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all images courtesy of Viccarbe and  PUUR Design