Beautiful Bent Wood Laptop Tray Keeps Your Computer Cool

noktuku bent wood laser cut laptop tray at if it's hip, it's here

Despite recent advances in cooling technologies, many laptops still get very hot due to lack of airflow causing burnt thighs and worse, potential overheating of your device. But the Noktuku Laser Cut Bent Wood Laptop Tray can change that, and look great while doing so.

There are some ways to avoid an overheated laptop – making sure the room’s not too hot, adjusting your power settings, quieting those noisy fans, etc. But here’s an additional, and mighty attractive, way to keep the air flowing through your laptop.

Noktuku Laser Cut Bent Wood Laptop Tray

The laser cut, molded wooden tray from Noktuku, a design company in Norway head up by Paul Rast, accommodates laptops up to 18″ in size and is the ideal dimensions to use on a sofa, in bed or at your desk.

Taking the weight off your thighs, the tray is made of molded plywood and comes in two finishes: Natural Baltic Birch or Birch veneered with African Wenge hardwood (now only available in the Wenge). Both feature name brands’ engraved signature and a laser cut mod dot pattern.

Product dimensions: (length, width, height): 51 x 29 x 18 cm (20 x 11 x 7 inches).


Price ranges from $250 – $300 USD depending upon where it’s being shipped.

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By the way Noktuku is the same brand behind the Moss Wall Clocks about which we blogged here.

For custom design requests, fill in the contact form here or reach Paul directly by phone at +31685814751