Blown Glass and Porcelain No Limit Vases By Vanessa Mitrani

No limit vases hero IIHIH

The No Limit Vases by glass artist Vanessa Mitrani which have porcelain fish entering and exiting the transparent blown glass bowls are some of our favorite pieces for the home. The vases, which also can be used as fish bowls, are a variation of her earlier works

No Limit Vases

no limit vases small and large IIHIH

The No Limit Vases for retail have evolved a bit over time in terms of their shapes and sizes since her first iterations which we shared with you here.

Sold as “vases’ the bowls are exclusively available for purchase in either of two sizes.

Large No Limit Vase:
blown glass vases

vanessa mitrani no limit

blown glass fish bowls

Small No Limit Vase:
no limit glass vases

decorative glass vase

blown glass fish vases

The porcelain fish can be customized or are available in other colors.

roche bobois vases

You will find those who say that using these as “fish bowls” is cruel to the fish and that a five gallon tank minimum ought to be used for even a single betta fish. That said, many people still keep goldfish and betta fish in small bowls. These can be used decoratively as centerpieces or temporarily hold fish for a party or event.

cat with fish bowl

Vase in blown glass and fishes in porcelain.
Available in other colors and sizes.

No Limit Vase (large)
Blown Glass
Dimensions: W. 53 x H. 35 cm (20.7″w x 13.67″h)
Price: $635

No Limit Vase (small)
Blown Glass
W. 32 x H. 25 cm
(12.5″w x 9.76″h)
Price: $320

Price valid in the United States and Puerto Rico, excludes sales tax and delivery charges. Conditions apply. Please contact your local showroom for more details.

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About the artist: VANESSA MITRANI
Vanessa Mitrani is a unique figure in the field of creative glass blowing. Expertly handling glass in its various forms, she claims her designer status by systematically creating collections comprising entirely of unique pieces as a result of a process that remains random. Since 1998 she has collaborated with Roche Bobois with whom every year she presents a new collection of exclusive pieces. Her ‘savoir-faire’, her technical mastery and her artistic intuition would open the doors to the Museum of Decorative Arts in 2015; today, eight of her signature pieces are integral to the permanent collections.

all images courtesy of Vanessa Mitrani and Roche Bobois.