Move Over Hoverboards, The Ninebot Powered Segway miniPRO Is Here.

Say goodbye to unsafe, crappy ‘hover’ and ‘balancing’ boards as Segway introduces the next step in the evolution of personal transportation – The miniPro, powered by Ninebot technology.

Ninebot Powered Segway miniPRO


The Segway miniPRO is a hands-free, self-balancing, two-wheel electric scooter with safer features, higher speeds, and longer battery life that can easily traverse a variety of terrains.

Ninebot Powered Segway miniPRO

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Buy ‘Em.
In 2015 Segway was acquired by Chinese start-up Ninebot, a personal transporter manufacturer in China, giving them the rights to Segway’s patents while also ending Segway’s patent infringement complaints against them and legitimizing Ninebot’s line of Segway-like products.

The combined company focuses on the research and development, design, manufacturing, distribution and sales of short-distance transportation products. Their ultimate goal is to promote the evolution of their products to become the world’s leading provider of mobile robotics solutions.

The first product to be launched by them is the Segway miniPRO, a new type of personal transportation that is unlike any of the ‘hoverboards’ or ‘balancing scooters’ presently on the market.

The Segway miniPRO | Smart Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control

How Is The miniPRO Different from hoverboards and balancing scooters?
Legitimate models of two-wheeled “hoverboard” scooters are predominantly derived from a model by Chinese company Chic Robotics and start at around $400 and work their way up to $1,500 without much differentiation.

The Ninebot Segway Mini Pro is NOT a similar product. Weighing more than a standard hoverboard, the miniPRO is easier to mount, ride and has big 10.5″ vacuum tires for a smoother experience over bumps.


You have much greater control (and far less opportunity for injury) with the miniPro because simply stepping on the footpads doesn’t automatically power the scooter. Instead you control it with a handle that’s braced between your knees.

There are features that make this an “adult’ transportation device such as thoughtful touches like an adjustable handle, headlights, tail lights, brake lights, turn signals and a parking brake.

Head lights and digital battery charge display:

Tail lights:

Adjustable handle:

The padded knee control bar:

The 10.5″ Vacuum tires:

And it will fit in the trunk of your car:

Through an attached smartphone app you can turn on the parking brake and it will shake and beep madly if anyone tries to pick it up. The Bluetooth remote control app allows you to change hue of the built-in lights for fun, too.

Made of Aircraft grade magnesium alloy frame, the 28 lb. miniPRO has a top speed of 10 mph and a max range of 14 miles. The 800-watt dual motor is engineered to overcome humps, slopes, and other everyday conditions without sacrificing safety and stability. 10.5″ vacuum tires provides military-grade shock resistance and the padded knee control bar enables precision steering with comfort.

Technical Specs:

• Dimensions (unit):
Length x Width = 10.3 x 21.5 in
Mainframe Height = 20-34 in (variable)
• Holds up to 185 lbs
• Weighs 28lbs
• max speed 10mph
• 10.5″ vacuum tires provides military-grade shock resistance
• Top speed of 10 mph
• 4 hour charge time, typical range before needs re-charcharging is 14 miles
• Can drive on pavement, grass, packed dirt and slopes < 15°
• UL 2272 Certified – meets all new requirements and methodology set by Underwriter Laboratories for electrical and fire-hazard safety.

List Price: $1,299.00 (subject to change)
Pre-Order Price: $999.00 (subject to change)

The Ninebot Powered Segway miniPRO will be released on June 29, 2016 and is available for pre-order now here.