New Origin Gins – Each Features Juniper Berries From Various Locales.

The Origin range of London Dry Gins is a unique proposition for the discerning gin-lover. Each expression is distilled using juniper gathered from one single location; Arezzo (Italy), Meppel (The Netherlands), Veliki Preslav (Bulgaria) and Valbone (Albania), with two more son to come from Kosovo and Macedonia, respectively.

New Origin Gins

New Origin Gins

The flavor profile of the beautifully labeled line of gins vary largely in taste but are all very ‘juniper-focused’. For this reason, Master of Malt supplied a small (10ml) vial of additional (cold-distilled) botanicals. Adding this vial to the bottle will transform it into a more ‘typical’ gin, flavoured by Coriander and Citrus, as well as the inevitable Juniper.

botanical gin
organic gin

The full list of ingredients in this ‘adjunct’ vial is:
• Coriander
• Fresh Lemon Peel
• Bitter Orange Peel
• Cardamom
• Angelica
• Cassia
• Liquorice
• Cubeb Berries
• Camomile

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Arezzo, Italy
Clean Citrus and Pine, with a really smooth creaminess on the finish. Amazingly Long.

Origin London dry Gin

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Meppel, The Netherlands
Tobacco and Calves Leather, with an earthy, Coffee-Rich Finish. Much more savoury and masculine than the Arezzo.

Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Veliki Preslav, Bulgaria
Perfumed, Floral notes with a fruity, slightly waxy finish. Put me in mind of a fantastic old Clynelish…

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Origin – Single Estate Juniper Spirit. Valbonë, Albania
Resinous and Blackcurrant-y notes, with hints of Tobacco and a chocolaty finish. Very rich.

These can be purchased online from Harvey Nichols and other fine liquor establishments that specialize in unique products.

The Gin Blog (from where some of these images came) has an extensive and informative review of the Origin Gins here.

Other info and images courtesy of Master of Malt