Fatboy Launches New Lifestyle Products

Fatboy USA has launched five new collections for 2017. The innovative home and outdoor living lifestyle brand is introducing the Fatboy® Pfffh, Fatboy® Lampie-On & Lampie-On Deluxe, Fatboy® Cappie-Ons, Fatboy® Parasolasido, Bouqettketet, and the Fatboy® Stripesol.

New Lifestyle Products from Fatboy

“Fatboy is all about creating unconventional indoor and outdoor lifestyle products with a uniqueness and creativity that reflects the Fatboy brand,” said President and CEO of Fatboy USA, Paula Masters. “We have absolutely met that standard with our latest lifestyle collections that are both stylish and refreshing.”

The latest seating option, Fatboy Pfffh, offers the perfect combination of comfort and style. The Pfffh is a vintage style ottoman that seats two people and comes in four different colors and patterns that will add extra flare to any space.

New Baboesjka Sets

Made with high quality fabric and supremely supportive filling. Select your favorite color combinations from lots of fun colors and patterns. Keep them stacked with the adjustable strap or leave them separate for a multifunctional modern seating element like no other! We don’t care, it’s your Baboesjka now! Measures 18 inches x 18 inches x 20 inches.

Lampie-On and Lampie-On Deluxe
Fatboy’s newest lighting collections offer a unique, yet simple, lantern design. The lanterns are designed for indoor and outdoor use and are completely cordless, shining bright up to nine hours.

The Lampie-On sports a classic Fatboy red hook, while the deluxe version takes this lamp one step further showcasing a copper hook and three copper decorative shades that wrap around the lantern.

Lampie-On Deluxe Patterns

The Lampie-On is also customizable with Fatboy’s latest Cappie-On lantern shades that come in an array of different fun prints and designs:

Cappie-On Lantern shades for the Lampie-On

Parasolasido and Bouqetteketet Outdoor Umbrellas
Fatboy’s new collections of oversized outdoor umbrellas are a perfect addition to any garden, urban areas, or patio. The Parasolasido and Bouqetteketet patterned parasols were created exclusively for Fatboy by Dutch graphic artist Saskia van der Linden. The vintage designs are full of unique flowers, butterflies, and whimsical birds.

Bouqetteketet, overhead view
Bouqetteketet, view of both sides
Parasolasido overhead view
Parasolasido, view of both sides


The Stripesol is also an oversized umbrella with stripes inspired by parasols from the fifties. All three umbrellas can be coupled with one of six vibrant colored bases that are sold separately.

The new collections are all available on www.fatboyusa.com