New Jaime Hayon Scuba Lights Inspired by Deep Sea Diver’s Helmets

Few designers combine whimsy with functionality as well as Jaime Hayon. Unveiled at this year’s Salone del Mobile 2017 are his new collection of updated pendant lights inspired by deep sea diver’s helmets for Bosa.

New Jaime Hayon Scuba Lights

New Jaime Hayon Scuba Lights

Consistently fresh and original, yet undeniably Hayon, the Spanish designer’s update on the fanciful Scuba lamps (previously glazed in all gold), bring a fun yet refined element to the fantastical forms. Inspired by deep sea divers’ helmets, the lamps are organic and sculptural, yet playful and light.

Hayon’s 2010 Scuba Lights were all gold

The new decorations take simple lines and geometries to create masterfully striking impressions in white and gold, reflecting the ultimate coming together of Bosa’s renowned heritage of craftsmanship, with Hayon’s imaginative world.

Width 440 mm / 360 mm / 590 mm / 530 mm
Height 655 mm / 570 mm / 590 mm / 0 mm
Ceramic Colors: white / gold / brass

Jaime Hayon

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