The Naturvillan Sustainable Atri Villa

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Naturvillan are builders with experience in both residential and greenhouse construction that offer a combination of climate shells and housing design for a symbiotic experience of healthy living and plant cultivation. Located in Brålanda, Sweden, this is the company’s second Atri Villa and it’s now available for purchase. The glass A-frame residence is like living in a Green House filled with home grown fruits, plants and flowers from the Mediterranean.

Naturvillan Sustainable Atri Villa

Naturvillan Sustainable Atri Villa

Located on the shores of Sweden’s Lake Vänern, the three bedroom, two bathroom A-frame house is encased in two soaring walls of glass with an internal structure built of timber.

Naturvillan Sustainable Atri Villa

The vast three-story atrium was conceived as both an enclosed wrap-around porch—complete with a dining table and lounge spaces sheltered from the lakefront winds—as well as a greenhouse that blurs the distinction between the interior and the great outdoors.

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The expansive interior is equipped with plenty of passive cooling and off-grid energy-efficient devices. At night the home is illuminated by the solar panels.

With plenty of light and space, the home’s ground floor has a long galley kitchen, living room, dining area, a bedroom, bath and sliding glass doors to the enclosed gardens.

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The first flight of stairs leads to a slightly smaller floor plan with an open office, guest room and master bedroom and bath, both of which have direct access to an interior balcony that overlooks the greenhouse.

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A second, treehouse-like flight leads to a narrow rooftop terrace that gracefully extends across the entire atrium.

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This climate-smart villa has its own solar system for heating and electricity, as well as automatic irrigation and ecocycle-systems that utilize nutrients from wastewater for the garden plants.

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The single family home is for sale. More info about the Naturvillan Sustainable Atri Villa. 

Price $913,830 USD / 855.044 EUR / 7 850 000 SEK
Listing ID 46465
Address Sikhall 156 Västra Götaland
City Brålanda
Country Sweden
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2.0
Land 1388 M²
Surface 124 M²
Property Floors 2
Year Built 2022

Learn more about Naturvillan here.

information and images courtesy of Naturvillan, Architectural Digest, and ERA