My Picks For The 20 Fugliest Red Carpet Oscar Dresses Of All Time.

20 Ugliest Oscar Dresses of all time

As I watch today’s Red Carpet for the 85th Oscars, I’ve decided I have to share with you the absolute most hideous dresses from the past – in no particular order. Several sites and blogs feature the ugliest dresses ever worn to the Oscars, but, as is typical, I disagree with many of them. So, I’ve decided to post my own pics of what I feel are the 20 most hideous frocks ever worn to the Academy Awards.

Ugliest Oscar Dresses Of All Time

There are times when even the most beautiful people make some really ugly choices. Most of these are from the day before celebrities had ‘stylists’ – people whose good taste they pay for. But when left to their own devices, even women we thought could never look bad, proved us wrong when they stepped onto the red carpet in these. The Ugliest Oscar Dresses Of All Time.

View at your own risk.

Sally Kirkland:
20 ugliest Oscar Dresses of all time

Helena Bonham Carter:
helena bonham carter worst dressed

Bjork in swan dress at Oscars

Kim Basinger:
Kim Basinger worst oscar dress

Demi Moore:
Demi Moore worst drssed oscars

Celine Dion:
Celine dion bad oscar suit

Cher worst dressed oscars

Barbra Streisand:
barbra streisand oscar outfit

Faye Dunaway:
worst dressed Faye Dunaway

Geena Davis:
Geena Davis worst oscar gowns

Lara Flynn Boyle:
Lara Flynn Boyle Ballet tutu dress

Faith Hill:
faith hill rainbow oscar gown

Gwyneth Paltrow:
Gwyneth Paltrow worst oscar dress

Jennifer Connelly:
Jennifer Connelly worst dressed red carpet

Kate Hudson:
Kate Hudson worst oscar gwon

Melanie Griffith:
Melanie Griffith red carpet oscars

Sophia Loren:
Sofia Loren in gold ruffles

Uma Thurman:
Uma Thurman worst dressed

Whoopie Goldberg:
Whoopie Goldberg genie gown

Anna Nicole : I initially wasn’t going to include this because I don’t like mocking someone who is not around to defend herself, but Anna Nicole’s tight turquoise velour dress had to make the list. It looks cheap – and more absorbent than a Bounty paper towel:
Anna Nicole Smith red carpet 2006

You don’t see many dresses this ugly anymore, especially on the likes of big celebs who, after making the worst-dressed list for that year, wised up and hired stylists. Demi Moore and Kim Basinger (both of whom designed the dresses you see them wearing here) never made as bad a fashion faux pas again.

During tonight’s Oscar’s broadcast, I’m expecting the ugliest visual offenses to be Botox injections and plastic surgery.