More Rad Rugs From Mark Mothersbaugh

mark mothersbaugh rugs

Last January I shared with you some of the rugs and art by DEVO founder Mark Mothersbaugh.

Since then he has a whole new slew of rugs for 2009. A large collection of sixty-six 4′ x 6′ rugs that feature his artwork as well as twelve smaller versions in limited editions, featured in a solo show this past summer at the NOWhere Limited Gallery .

“They’ll cover a hole on the floor; you can sweep things beneath them. You don’t have to feel reverential about the artwork. You can walk on it. You can do your prayers on it if that’s your predilection. And there are many ways to get rug burn on it.” – Mark Mothersbaugh, about his rugs.

Here are twenty-four from his 2009 collection. Each measures 4′ x 6′ and is available for $850.00 a piece and some are also available in the smaller size of 22″ x 34″ for $275.00 (subject to change). In each image are six different rugs:

See all sixty six rugs in his collection here.

The 12 rugs from the show are small. Each measures 22 x 34 inches, has a 1/4 border and includes a signed and titled rug tag:
detail from area rug
above: The Sleepover rug

above: Shoes rug

above: Jihad Detecto

above: Hooded Imp rug

above: Hatching a Plot rug

above: Fingerbot And The Boy rug

above: Dive For Safety rug

above: Duo Worm rug

above: DEVO Rope rug

above: Robot Loses His Head rug

above: When He Fell Through The Trap rug

above: X-Ray Visionaire rug

Purchase the rugs here

If you didn’t see his stunning rugs for Walteria Living in 2008, see them all here.