More Amazing Lipstick Sculptures by May Sum

Lipstick and Concealer sculptures by May Sum

You may not know this but today is National Lipstick Day. In light of this, I thought it might be a good time to share with you more amazing Lipstick Sculptures by May Sum – makeup artist, cat-lover, ceramicist and illustrator.

More Lipstick Sculptures by May Sum

More Amazing Lipstick Sculptures by May Sum

When I first shared her work with you here four years ago, she was carving celebrity likenesses, custom likenesses, objects and more into various brands of traditional lipsticks and selling them on etsy. UPDATE: She no longer has an etsy store.

Lipstick Landmarks
Lipstick Character Sculptures

She has since evolved her lipstick art and this series of stunning lipstick and floral creations is my favorite.

And I must include her Tardis and David Tennant as the Tenth Doctor Lipsticks for my fellow Whovians as well:

May Sum has gone on to create for various makeup shows, editorials and brands. Her collaborative works have included pieces for such fashion and beauty brands as Disney, Shu Uemura, Chanel, Shiseido, Lane Crawford, LCX, Vivienne Westwood(A Life in Fashion Exhibition), Apivita, vs sassoon Fancl,YUBZ, 5CM, GROOVISIONS, le saunder, Dove, Dior, LUCKY BRAND JEANS, Land Crawford, Giffarine, Clinique, Just diamond, Harbout City, Catalog, Jollyshandy, APM, DTC, MegaBox, HKTB.

Not limited lipstick, she’s carved stick concealers as well:

Maysum continues to teach workshops, continues with her whimsical Cat illustrations an dhas lately begun hand-painting perfume bottles. In addition to all this, she now sells much of her wonderful and whimsical illustrative works on Society 6.

Keep up with May Sum’s work by following her on Instagram and FaceBook or visiting her website, Wahahafactory.