Mopet! An Electric Moped For You and Your Pet

mopet electric moped

Leave it to the Japanese to sell an adorable electric moped that can hold you and your beloved furbaby. The Mopet pet-friendly e-bike is street legal, compact and loaded with features.

Mopet Pet-Friendly E-Bike

pet e-bike

mopet pet-friendly e-bike

With the help of YIDI Technology, a Chinese manufacturer of electric bikes, Rest Logic Co., Ltd. has developed the trademarked Mopet Pet-friendly e-bike.

e-scooter that holds pets

Publicly funded with a Japanese version of Kickstarter the electric bike with room for Fido is now available in two different color combinations.

mopet colors

electric moped for people and pets

mopet e-bike pet carrier

Go to your favorite park, grocery store or run errands with your pet in tow. Because it’s electric, there’s no engine noise to disturb your sound-sensitive dog or cat. And unlike the unsafe practice of putting your pet in a basket on the handlebars, this safely puts your pet at the center of gravity.

riding white mopet ebike

Especially convenient for older dogs with weak legs or days where the asphalt is too hot for their pads.

The safely locking space for your pet measures 45 cm wide x 33 cm tall x 21 cm deep, accommodating all small and many medium sized pets.

Even if you don’t have a pet, the storage space is perfect for groceries, text books and other items.

pet-friendly moped

The pet-friendly e-bike is loaded with features for safety: Turn signal, side mirror, horn, brake light, license plate light, license plate holder, reflector and speedometer. It’s also equipped with LED lights for high visibility day and night.

mopet japan pet-friendly e-bike

electric scooter

Equipped with a large-capacity lithium-ion battery, it can run up to 60km after charging for about 10 hours.

The distance that can be traveled on a single charge depends on the battery capacity. Therefore, three types of battery capacity are available according to the cruising range.
10Ah mileage about 20-30km
15Ah Mileage about 30-40km
20Ah Mileage about 50-60km

riding e-scooter with dog

The battery is easily removed and can conveniently be charged by itself in an outlet, so no need to bring the Mopet into the house.

Shock absorbers (double suspension) are installed on the front and rear for more stable, comfortable driving, to absorb the unevenness of the road surface, suppress vibration, and keep the tires in contact with the ground. It can run not only in the city but also on slopes up to 29 degrees.

The liquid crystal display of current speed and remaining battery life is clear, large and easy to read.

electric moped

The bike is foldable and weighs less than half that of a typical electric bicycle! Approximately 28 kg (whereas a normal moped is approximately 70 kg).

foldable e-bike

It’s even equipped with an anti-theft device that sounds a loud alarm when vibration is detected when the bicycle is locked and parked, protecting your most precious cargo.

electric scooter with pet carrier

dimensions of mopet


And yes, it’s available for purchase here. Or from YIDI technology here

also available here on ebay
• And Ali Express has a version using the same technology in both colors here

Information and images courtesy of Mopet and Makuake