Modern Quilts For Manly Men & More By LUKE.

LUKE manly quilts

I blogged about edgy rock n’ roll quilts by Boo Davis last August, now I’m happy to introduce you to another fabulous modern quilter and much to my pleasant surprise, the talented stitcher is a male.

Luke Haynes Quilts

manly quilts by luke haynes
One of Luke Haynes’ self-portrait quilts

Luke Haynes explores ways of using fabric as a medium for both functional quilts as well as wall hangings. His collections include Man Stuff, American Nostalgia, Self-portraits, Flightless Birds, Objects & Accessories as well as commissions and gifts.

America In Context #1 – American Gothic
detail, America In Context #1 – American Gothic.

Luke combines various techniques and looks to create his modern quilts and wall-hangings. Traditional quilting combined with the posterized imagery makes for beautiful textile art.

Here’s a few of his Man Stuff quilts:





Red Truck:

Elk Head:

And a few from his American Nostalgia Collection:


Abraham Lincoln:

American Pie:

Fries and A Hopper:

President Obama:

Self-Portrait Quilts:

Penguin, from his series of Flightless Birds:

Some examples of his commissioned quilts and gifts for friends:

all images courtesy of Luke Haynes

See more of his work here or visit his etsy store here to buy one of have him create one for you.