Quiltsrÿche: Edgy Quilts By Boo Davis Billstein.

edgy quilts

You gotta love a crafter who labels her textile designs with the sign-off “Made With Hate.” At least I do. On her own site she describes herself as follows:”Boo Davis is a designer, illustrator and quiltmaker living in Seattle. She spent much of her youth cozied up under her grandmother’s quilt listening to Ozzy. As a grown-up metalhead and design geek, the intersection of cute and evil is what she finds most compelling.” Update: Now married, Ms. Davis has changed her name to Boo Billstein.

Edgy Quilts By Boo Davis

Edgy Quilts By Boo Davis

This is apparent in her hip quilts. No grandma patchwork for this gal, instead Quiltsrÿche blends rock n’ roll imagery, attitude and a smart sense of color and design. Her graphic and edgy quilts are reminiscent of another modern quilter, Denyse Schmidt, only on acid.

skull quilt


modern quilts

Does Not Compute:
robot quilt

heavy metal quilt


Beastie Prototype:

Love It or Leaf it:

Quilt In the Headlights:

I’m A Wiener:
daschund quilt

Edgy Quilts By Boo Davis

boo david quilts

Quiltsrÿche uses 100% cotton fabrics, though some of the vintage fabrics are blends. All fabrics are pre-washed. A Quiltsrÿche quilt is made with straightforward linear quilting that is durable and adds, in Boo’s words, “that totally killer juxtaposition of handmade and industrial.”

Your Quiltsrÿche quilt can live on your bed or on your wall. Request a rod pocket to be sewn on the back if you’d like it to hang. Quilt backs feature three stripes in coordinating or complementary colors. Let Boo know your color preferences for the binding and back of your quilt.

Order your Quiltsrÿche quilt directly from Boo here.

She also has a book available for purchase, Dare to Be Square Quilting: A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts

Boo Davis Billstein

•Here’s a nice New York Times Q & A with the edgy quilter.

special thanks to Boo Davis and Stuart Isett for The New York Times for the above images.