The 10 Best Modern Nutcrackers for Christmas

Our curated selection of wonderful modern nutcrackers for Christmas are about as far from the traditional German figural ones you can get. These modern and minimalist designed nutcrackers by the likes of Marcel Wanders, Josh Owen and Menu come from all over the world, but each is available via Amazon.

Modern Nutcrackers for Christmas

Strongman Nutcracker
Marcel Wanders designed the limited edition Strongman Nutcracker with stainless steel and colored enamel for Alessi’s Circus Collection:

Marcel Wanders, Limited series of 999 numbered pieces and 9 author proofs
Material: Stainless steel 18/10 with decoration
Dimensions: L. 5.9 W. 4.33 H. 8.58 inches

$2499.00, Buy it here

The Torq Nutcracker
Torq Nutcracker pushes the limits of 3D printing technology, by reducing material thicknesses to a bare minimum, achieving a surprising lightness while remaining remarkably strong. Manufactured in two easy-to-assemble parts, it is currently available in a matte black, numbered edition.

Designed for OTHR by designer Josh Owen is as heavy-duty a tool as it is handsome.

Available in matte black 3D Printed Steel. Numbered Edition:
$250.00, Buy it here

Alessi Scoiattolo, Nutcracker
Made of quality stainless steel and wood, this adorable squirrel nutcracker by Alessi measures 9.5 inches high:

$132.00, Buy it here

The Inertia Nutcracker
Powered by a rubber band, the Inertia Nutcracker cracks any type Pecans, Brazil nuts, Filberts, Macadamias, Almonds, and English Walnuts.

Patented principle prevents over calculation of cracking force – Protective shield controls shell scatter.
$47.45, Buy it here

The Nusskubus Nutcracker
This simple and sculptural nutcracker is a modern take on the way our Stone Age ancestors used to crack nuts. Two waxed beechwood cubes are basically used like an anvil and hammer. One cube has three smooth depressions, that can embrace any size nut. Put the nut in one of the hollows and strike both cubes against each other to crack it with minimal mess:

Hand made in Germany by Adam & Hanforth. Comes in a gift box with instructions.
$39.00, But it here

The Nut Hammer

A minimalist creation consisting of an ash wood handle and cast iron head with a rem0vable silicone cup, designed by Menu:

$21.95, Buy it here

Drosselmeyer Nutcrackers:

The internationally patented award-winning minimal and modern design is available in Red, Black or Antique grey. Made in Sweden.
$39.95 each, Buy them here

Robot Nutcrackers from SUCK UK
Available in large or small, these brightly colored wooden Robot Nutcrackers combine kitsch with cute.

Blue large: $30.00, Red small: $27.50, Buy them here

Monochrome Nutcrackers:
These monochrome paintable nutcrackers were designed to be embellished, but frankly, I love them just as they are:

$14.99 each, Buy them here

Koziol McCracker
Speaking of cute, German brand Koziol’s McCracker Nut Cracker is a little tabletop creature made of high quality recyclable plastic. He comes in a transulcent red or solid white and lime green:

$32.94, Buy the white one here
$16.00, Buy the red one here

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