Meisel’s McMenamy For Italia Vogue (35 photos)

McMenamy The Legend by Steven Meisel

A legend shoots a legend.
Photographer Steven Meisel, whose been shooting for Vogue Italia and American Vogue for decades, shot now 42 year old model Kristen McMenamy, who was an uber supermodel in the late 80s and early 90s, for an editorial in the 2009 July issue of Italia Vogue. The results are amazing.

McMenamy The Legend by Steven Meisel

First, take a look at Steven’s photo of Kristen for the cover of Vogue Italia from her heyday in 1992:
kristen mcmenamy 1992 vogue italia

And for the cover of the 2009 July issue of Italia Vogue:

The following are scanned images from the entire editorial, McMenamy The Legend by Steven Meisel. Please note that the images are NOT in the actual order of the editorial because I used some close ups and needed to make them fit.

mcmenamy the legend

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About Steven Meisel (courtesy of art + commerce):

Steven Meisel is fashion’s pre-eminent image-maker — prolific and innovative — visualizing the trends of every fashion season since the 1980s. Along with his ability to cast the faces and characters that come to represent the look of fashion, Meisel has a prodigious talent for scripting story lines that reference and reflect culture. For well over a decade, he has created every cover and lead editorial story for each issue of Italian Vogue. There may be no other photographer-magazine relationship in any other field of such long-lasting commitment and innovation. Like all truly great image-makers in fashion’s pantheon, Meisel not only depicts fashion, he defines it, and gives it cultural resonance. His influences and inspirations are varied, culled from design, architecture, art, cinema, and literature. Meisel has also portrayed our leading actresses and entertainers, defining the relationships between celebrity and fashion in the process. Most notably, Meisel collaborated with Madonna to create their notorious 1992 book Sex (shown below).

Now out of print, Meisel’s Sex book fetches a very high price

As the primary photographer for American and Italian Vogue, Steven Meisel’s continued interpretations lead and influence our understanding of contemporary fashion. Each season, he has also created some of fashion’s most memorable campaigns for Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, Mulberry, Lanvin, and Versace. all images courtesy of Vogue Italia

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