Mehrzeller – Trailer You Can Tailor! Modern Cellular Caravan Design With Configurator

Mehrzeller Custom Trailer

Mobility and living on the move are very important themes of our fast-moving age. People want to be mobile but at the same time, have a strong desire for a lasting home and their own personal four walls. In the camper market there is strong demand for new design and personalized, tailor-made solutions. Individualist tourists want a caravan that is made just for them.

Mehrzeller Custom Trailer

Mehrzeller Custom Trailer

The solution to the problem is offered by the “Mehrzeller” – the multicellular caravan designed by NONSTANDARD. Using the online Configurator, every user sets up a design that is unique, their own layout that they can identify with.

The configuration is generated by a computer using the customer’s inputs, and then the final design is done by parameters from the architects to yield an attractive and practicable result. The caravans are produced using the principles of “mass customization”: this allows both the individual wishes of the customer to be accommodated while producing the caravan with series methods.

Screen grabs from their online configurator :

The Mehrzeller thus introduces a new generation of mobile living. The project, which began as a degree project in Architecture at the Technical University of Graz, can be realized thanks to the support of many respected companies such as Design Composite, Alko, Truma, Dometic, Waeco, Alphatronics, Alugas, Jokon, Fiamma, Cleversolar, Simona, Moralt, Reimo, BMW and others. —end of press release

Below is a collection of images of the prototype caravan, exterior and interior.

modern travel trailer



photos of interior:

Photos of the prototype from the Caravan Salon, Dusseldorf :

All images, Copyright © 2009 by mehrzeller.

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