Make Your Day and Watch Kama The Surfing Pig.

Kama The Surfing Pig

Meet Kama The Surfing Pig and owner Kai Holt as they catch some waves on Sandy Beach in Oahu.

kama surfing pig 0 IIHIH

Kama came into the life of Kai Holt when he was just about a week old. After watching the little pig fearlessly jump into the pool, Kai figured “he can swim, I guarantee he can surf.”  Sure enough, as Kai took his board out into the ocean the pig followed his owner, paddled out into the water, jumped up on the board and caught his first wave. Kama digs his hooves into the board and hangs on to enjoy the ride.

For this captivating video, a GoPro HD Hero3+ camera was attached to the board, to the pig and hand held to get the footage.

kama surfing pig 2 IIHIH
kama surfing pig 3 IIHIH

Kama seems to know what he’s doing – and thoroughly enjoys it. Watch and see.

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Music Lemme Adams “Single Beaches”
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