The Brilliant Maze Door Chain Lock Finally Comes To Life As A Real Product!

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So often we see unusual designs that we covet, only to learn that they are either concepts or looking for funding so they may be produced. Such was the case with the Defendius Door Chain by Russian design studio Art Lebedev when they first rendered it as a concept in April of 2008.

Defendius Door Chain Lock

The Defendius Concept, 2008:
original rendering defendius IIHIH

initial renderings IIHIH

At that time, several design sites and magazines featured the cgi renderings of the interactive door-mountable security bemoaning the fact that it wasn’t a real product. But that has since changed. The Defendius door chain guard was brought to life late last year (a little over 6 years since the concept was first presented) and now the metal security device is available for purchase – and with worldwide shipping.

The Defendius Product, 2014:
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defendius silver metal on door

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Made of silver metal, the Defendius door chain helps you protect your home against unauthorized entry. And no worries, the chain is long enough to reach the far end of the maze.

Design credits:
art director: Artemy Lebedev
designer: Oleg Morev
industrial designer: Konstantin Chirkov
modeler: Alexey Zalata
visualizer: Dmitry Dolgikh
packaging designers: Noëlline Demeilliers, Iliya Makarenkov
photographer: Yevgenia Filatova
project manager: Vera Dorofeyeva
production managers: Anastasia Prishchepa, Grigory Sharov

defendius door cu and package IIHIH

Price: $64.39 USD  (57.08 € or 3600.00руб.), Buy the Defendius Door Chain Lock here

Art Lebedev Design Studio