Matryoshka Madness (Or Babushka Bounty) Part 2 – Updated!

matryoshka madness PART 2 IIHIH

Just about a year ago, I did a very large post on the popularity of Russian Nesting Dolls aka Matryoshkas, Metroshkas, Babushkas, etc. Designer versions, hand painted artist versions, modern versions and their appearance on everything from textiles to jewelry.

Matryoshka Madness Part 2

Clearly, the trend has not subsided. So, I bring you Part 2 with more available items on the market. Even a fun commercial for milk uses the Russian Nesting Dolls (that is shown at the end of this long post).

Before showing you all the new products you can buy that reference Russian nesting dolls, take a look at these lust worthy versions by top fashion designers like Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Giles Deacon, Martin Margiela and more for Russian Vogue:

Unfortunately, the dolls shown above are not available for purchase, but here are tons of items that are!

Estee Lauder has made this special limited edition perfume compact of the scent Beautiful, inside an enameled Russian Doll exclusively for Neiman Marcus:

buy it here.

Last minute addition thanks to Wicked Halo!
This awesome Chanel Miniaudiere Russian Doll Bag:

And I found a pic of Lily Allen with it:

Not available until May and will reportedly cost $9,560.00 UD.

Mathmos Color Changing LED Babushka Lamp:

buy it here.

Russian designer Dima Loginoff’s Fedora Lamp:

learn more here.

Wall art:

buy it here.

Packing tape:

buy it here.


fun little Russian doll rugs! buy them here.

Pylones of France makes this Russian Doll pepper mill:

buy it here.

…and a Russian doll vegetable peeler:

buy it here.

Russian Doll aprons:

buy them here.

Plasticland sells candles, cosmetic bags and manicure kits:

Buy this cute set of 3 candles, cosmetic bags or manicure set here.

Babushka spinning tops:

buy them here.

Russian Doll photo album from Rose Bonbon:

buy it here.

Wooden whistles:

buy them here.

Katarina filigree nesting dolls by Michelle Ivankovic for Umbra:

above: Five Russian inspired dolls nest into each other, each with a different filigree pattern. Finishes of silver, brass, copper, antique brass and a shiny nickel.

Russian Nesting Dolls salt and pepper shakers:
salt and pepper russian dolls
buy them here.

Since I posted part 1, Russian design firm Art Lebedev has added these two sets:

above: Bit, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte and terabyte take shape of Matryoshkas to make the right sequence in Russian painted, black or white, all available from Art Lebedev

Australian textile Designer Kristen Doran sells her Matryoshka fabrics:

Available in several colorways, purchase the fabric here.

A friend of Kristen Doran’s, Carol of precious metal designs collaborated with her for this cute pendant:

inquire about it here.

Russian nesting dolls pacifier clip:

buy it here.

A cute jute tote bag:

buy it here.

Even a Russian Doll hot water bottle by Paperchase of the UK is available:

buy it here.

Threadless has some funny Russian Doll T-shirts available:

Buy the Russian Newborn Tee by Blake Suarez here.

Buy John Mitchell’s Nesting Dolls tee (or art print) here.

Russian dolls are being used in all sorts of media. Check out this super cute Russian milk commercial using the omnipresent nesting dolls:

NEW additions

Babushka Bourres (drinking game):

buy it here.

Fred’s M-Cups, adorable measuring cups shaped like Russian Dolls:

buy them here.

..and the MatroshKeys, Russian Doll Key Covers:

buy them here.

Anthropologie sells Russian Doll measuring cups too:

buy them here.

Russian Doll Musical Jewelry Box by Bobble Art:

buy it here.

Russian Doll Storage Boxes:

buy them here.

Russian Doll Tins:

buy them here.

Porcelain Matryoshka Doll Set/Tableware by Qubus:

inquire about it here.

Matryoshka Cotton Lumbar Pillow Cover:

buy it here.

The Russian Doll Cosmetic case:

buy it here.

The Russian Doll Compact:

above: Stainless steel, glass and plastic compact with etched Matryoshka doll on top.
Buy it here.

Babushka Picture frames:

Available in black, natural or white. Buy them here.

Matryoshka USB Flash Drives:

Custom Rubber painted Russian Doll usb flash drives, like the one above, can be made here.

above: or they have a more traditional Russian Doll flash drive here

AudioMatyroshkas, audio speakers:

above: Russian designer Alex Mamontoff created these matryoshka shaped audio speakers that can easily plug into your ipod. Not yet available for purchase.

Russian Doll Cocktail Shaker:
Last Christmas Selfridges of the UK offered this limited edition Smirnoff Russian Doll Cocktail Shaker with their Smirnoff Black:

sadly, it’s no longer available.

However, don’t fear, authentic Russian Matroyshka Vodka, in three flavors; Lux, Honey and Cranberry, is available:

Never read part 1 of Matryoshka Madness? Read it here.