The Matreshka Russian Nesting Doll Light Changing Chair.

Matreshka Russian Nesting Doll Light Changing Chair

Russian Nesting dolls continue to inspire design in everything from housewares to furniture. Way back in 2008, I wrote a post about Matryoshka Madness and the glut of items honoring the traditional Russian dolls. Then again, in 2009, I followed it up with another Matryoshka related post. As I was getting preparing to publish yet a third, I came across this. Read more

Matryoshka Madness (Or Babushka Bounty) Part 2 – Updated!

matryoshka madness PART 2 IIHIH

Just about a year ago, I did a very large post on the popularity of Russian Nesting Dolls aka Matryoshkas, Metroshkas, Babushkas, etc. Designer versions, hand painted artist versions, modern versions and their appearance on everything from textiles to jewelry. Read more