Marvelous Modern Meditation Sanctuary by Architects Parque Humano


Pabellon en Lamina, a modern meditation sanctuary designed by Parque Humano, is a temporary shelter that invites contemplation and philosophical speculation.

Modern Meditation Sanctuary by Parque Humano

modern meditation sanctuary

modern meditation sanctuary parque humanos

Modern Meditation Sanctuary

The relaxing looking retreat takes the nature of the environment in which it is situated into consideration as an integral part of the design.

modern meditation sanctuary

The pavilion’s form was designed as an architectural structure as well as a visual and sculptural form in terms of its setting. It is deliberately positioned in a large plot of land, following the path of an existing pine tree alley.

When inside the pavilion, the changing light conditions and the position of the sun which affect the glass walls’ reflections and transparency. There is a purposeful lack of time perception when within the structure, allowing the observing subject to be a palpable part of the present.

modern meditation sanctuary

In their attempts to seek a higher unity between architecture and nature, Parque Humano has achieved it with their Pabellon en Llamina.

modern meditation sanctuary

Parque Humano arch plans

Architects: Parque Humano

Project Team: Jorge Covarrubias + Benjamín González Henze with Juan Jose Barrios Avalos
Client: PrivateTotal Area: 46 m2
Design Phase: 2009-2011
Construction Phase: 2010- 2011

Photography by Paul Rivera
images courtesy of Parque Humano and Domus