Marcel Wanders For Holland Electro: WOW

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Holland Electro (HE) invited Dutch designer Marcel Wanders to create a line of home appliances for them. And boy did he ever!

Marcel Wanders for Holland Electric

With the following stunning and functional products designed by Marcel Wanders for Holland Electric, he outdid himself.
A wooden side table in which a dvd and speakers are built into the left side and the subwoofer is hidden in the right side. And it comes with four beautifully decorated satellite speakers. 5.1 stereo sound.

A small wooden side table in which a woofer is integrated. Accompanied with two wireless speakers, it generates 2.1 stereo sound for music on your laptop or mp3 player.

The beautifully designed wireless speakers that accompany the Pandora and Theatre

Domino Speaker System
Two beautiful and very thin speakers that can be used with a wireless transmitter (as in the case of the Mathilda and the Merlin) or standard audio cables.

The Mathilda and the Merlin
two antennas that magically send music to your speakers. Merlin has a USB connector and Mathilda has 3.5 plug that uses 3 AAA batteries. Both can be used with the Domino speaker system

The Carrie
A 1 gig USB flash drive

And lastly, the Wave TV
A microwave oven that integrates a TFT screen in the door so you can watch tv while cooking. It even has a built in DVD player!

The Crystal digital photo frame is a nice looking modern digital photo frame that is also part of the collection:

learn more about them here.

Download a pdf of all Marcel’s products for HE here.

Marcel Wanders